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WISHFUL THINKING ???: NMB Hopes Ripened mangoes could create growth

By Melissa Shipman

May 04, 2015 | 3:44 pm EDT

Ken Nabal, president of Idaho Falls, Idaho-based Kingston Fresh, thinks the Ripe and Ready program will help grow mango sales.

“Europe has been doing a ripening program for many years and it’s been very successful in growing mango sales. If consumers get good fruit, they come back and keep buying,”Nabal said.

Nabal, a board member of the National Mango Board, said the program in place is still relatively new.

“We’ve only scratched the surface with potential for this. The only difference in doing it in the U.S. is that fruit has to be hot water treated here, which puts a lot of stress on it, but we’re trying to explore all our options for the industry,”Nabal said.

Some options include having fruit ripened before or during transit.

“We’re already talking to some growers in Peru and Guatemala about getting fruit here that is ready to eat so it doesn’t have to be ripened once it arrives,” Nabal said.

The board will continue to promote its newly devel…