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Action and Dysfunction in the U.S. Food-Safety Effort

MAY 10, 2015

Chasing Outbreaks: How Safe Is Our Food?

A 1993 E. coli outbreak linked to Jack in the Box hamburgers sickened 700 people and drew new attention to the dangers of food-borne illness. More than 20 years later, how far have we come? By RetroReport on Publish DateMay 10, 2015.

Retro Report


The notion that “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste” is credited to the American economist Paul Romer, who offered the thought a decade ago in a discussion about education.

 Mr. Romer’s observation has since been echoed in a variety of contexts. It could be applied as well to stewardship of this country’s food supply. Significant measures to keep Americans from being sickened, and sometimes killed, by what they eat have tended to come only after calamity strikes. Even then, in the view of many experts onfood safety, the United States has wasted too many crises fo…