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The mansion from 'Scarface' just got its price cut in half to $18 million after being on the market for a year


MAY 13, 2015, 3:59 PM

Village Properties

The mansion has been renovated since appearing in the 1983 movie "Scarface."

The mansion prominently featured in the 1983 film classic "Scarface" is not actually in Miami. Instead, it's in Montecito, California, which lies about 90 miles west of Los Angeles.

However, the mansion is still just as beautiful as you remember from the movie. It's also been renovated recently — so it's possibly even more beautiful.

The mansion is still on the market after sitting unsold for an asking price of $35 million. Its price has now been cut in half to $17.8 million, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The 10,000-square-foot mansion's four bedrooms and nine bathrooms are completely surrounded by Persian gardens and an insane number of fountains.

Emily Kellenberger of Village Properties has the listing.

Surprise! Tony Montana's Miami mansion isn't actually in Miami.

Village Properties

Instead, it's a sprawlin…


3 MAYO 2015Una patilla con DefensorNo hay comentarios.: Alberto Federico Ravell fue a la rueda de prensa de Tarek William Saab en Bogotá. Le instó a pronunciarse frente a la prohibición de salida del país impuesta en su contra. La incomodidad del Defensor fue notoria. No hay esteroides que ayuden a esquivar la sagacidad. Se acomodó en la silla, se arregló el paltó y la corbata, y agradeció que el bótox contuviera el resto de los músculos de su rostro. La proxémica lo traicionó, pero esto fue lo que dijo:

"La Defensoría del Pueblo ha estado pendiente de usted, que se le respeten sus DDHH porque ese va a ser mi trabajo, tengo la autoridad moral para ello, tengo casi 36 años dedicado a esta materia, fui el redactor de los DDHH de nuestra Constitución. Yo no voy a hacer algo en contra de nuestra historia. Si me toca, este, Ravell, pasado mañana, mañana, hoy, defender los DDHH de tu persona o de cualquier otro venezolano, ten la seguridad que lo voy a hacer."
Mientras llega la defen…

Treaded Mess: Millions of Tires Being Removed from Artificial Reef Projects Worldwide


It sounded like a great idea at the time – sink millions of worn tires into the ocean to provide safe haven for sea life and a growing habitat for fish, corals, and thousands of other animals. But what started as a noble cause has ended up to be a huge ecological disaster where tires were chosen as the preferred material for creating these artificial reefs.

One such reef that is in the process of being removed is just off the French Riviera in France, where hundreds of thousands of tires were dropped off in the 1980s in piles and rows in an attempt to restock the waters with marine life. The plan, however well-intentioned, has proved to be almost entirely worthless, and in fact causing more problems than it solved.

The tires were dropped to a depth of approximately 30 meters – about 100 feet – off the Mediterranean coast. In addition to tires, hundreds of thousands of other objects were also dropped to provide underwater structure, and the r…

MANGO ON THE MENU : First Nobu Hotel in Mexico to open in Cabo San Lucas

A rendering of Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, which is expected to open in 2017. (Nobu Hospitality)


Cabo San Lucas is the place for the next Nobu Hotel, but not until 2017.

The Mexican resort town of Cabo San Lucas will gain a new luxury brand when Nobu Hotels comes to town. The Japanese chef-turned-hotelier Nobu Matsuhisa plans to open a beach-front hotel in 2017.

It's the first hotel in Mexico for Nobu, an announcement last week said.

The hotel will have 200 rooms that feature a "contemporary and elegant style" that will take its design from Japan and the beach. It will feature a spa, stores, a signature restaurant (Nobu, of course), lounges and more.

Details were scant about the location except to say it would be in Los Cabos.

The hotel will be designed by architects Monica Cuervo and Mark Yoshizaki of WATG with interior design by Severine Tatangelo of Studio PCH in Malibu.

Nobu Hosptiality is a private company owned by Matsuhisa, actor Robert DeNiro and film…