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3 reasons why Finland is first for education

ByPär Stenbäck

May 13 2015

Finland at the top of the class again? Finnish people will be sceptical: How can this country fare so well in spite of a deep economic recession and rising unemployment figures?

Finland has just got a new government that has to introduce an austerity program, which must cut funding for education, whatever the coalition parties have declared during the election campaign. So, we are bracing ourselves for a heated debate about the value of education.

My country is used to getting praise for education. Year after year, we have scored highly, competing with Korea, Singapore and Japan.

 Last time we slipped in some categories and the reaction here was almost one of relief: Finns are very self-critical and like to think of ourselves as underdogs. 

Look at the Nokia saga; it could not last forever…

At international conferences and board meetings, I have got used to answering the question: What are the reasons behind Finland’s outstanding learning results? 

I have developed …