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Pakistani mangoes begin 2015 USA Tour

Pakistan has decided to widen its horizon, it has planned to start the exports of mangoes on Wednesday, particularly to United States.

Pakistan has set to export mangoes to United States, which is the largest as well as the most profit yielding market in the world.

The first slot of 2.9 tons has already been consigned and sold out within a few hours of reaching the stores.

This sale has been accomplished in the two cities of United States; Houston and Dallas which contain a large Pakistani community.

Another consignment of 6 tons has been embarked this week. After covering these two cities, the next destination of the mangoes is New York which is the most Pakistani concentrated city in United States.

It is pertinent to mention here that the company behind these exports is exporting mangoes to US for the first time but has managed to accomplish all the arrangements like acquiring the US import permit and managing the shipment in a very few time period, only 12 weeks.

The company intends to e…