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927 Followers on Twitter for IMO

International Mango Organization (IMO) continues to gain followers on Twitter.

The IMO account (@I_Mango_Org) currently has 927 followers after gains this past week.

The map below reveals that followers are spread around the globe:

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AUSTRALIA : Dry season rain changes plans for Top End mango growers

NT Country Hour
By Lisa Herbert

Posted about 9 hours ago

PHOTO: It was a wet day the Uluru Camel Cup.(Nathan Coates )

MAP: Berry Springs 0837

While predicted heavy rain did not eventuate across the Top End over the weekend, there was enough to cause some concern to mango growers.

Rain increases the risk of disease so many growers have brought forward the application of fungicide.

00:00 AUDIO: Mango grower Trevor Lake and banana grower Bruce Patterson discuss recent unseasonal rain (ABC Rural)

Harvest Fresh Fruit orchard manager Trevor Lake said the 17.5mm that fell at Berry Springs was not as worrying as the anticipated above average night time temperatures.

"The main thing is anthracnose around flowering time so I have to bring forward my scheduled fungicide spray," Mr Lake said.

"I've got a few flowers out right now so we want to protect those.

"We need temperatures below 20 degrees to induce flowering.

"We've had high night time temperatures for the past week.