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Hand pollination breeding next Australian mango success

Hand cross-pollination of mango plants may have produced the next export success story for the Australian mango industry, with two new varieties – Lady Jane and Lady Grace – destined to hit overseas shelves starting from next season.

 “Lady Jane was planted about two years ago and is developing nicely, Lady Grace will be planted later this year. We’ve got trial plantings already in Spain and South Africa and we’re looking at getting plantings into the US, now that that market for fresh Australian mangoes has opened up,”says Sevenfields Managing Director Richard Byllaardt. 

“Spain has had trial plantings for five years, and South Africa for 2 years and we’ve definitely got growers interested in taking the new varieties on in all the Mediterranean counties, South America, China, Mexico and the USA.” 

The new varieties will be harvested about one to two weeks earlier than Kensington Pride mangoes are, and there are a few thousand trees in the ground at Katherine, in the Northern Territory, …

Mango madness: No better place to grow them 'than coastal Palm Beach County'

Posted: 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Meghan McCarthy
Tropical Acres Farms grows colorful Van Dyke mangoes. The farm’s hours are from 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. until noon Saturday.

Meghan McCarthy
Alexander Salazar, owner of Tropical Acres Farms, stands beneath a Mulgoba mango tree that was planted as a mature tree in the 1920s. Coastal Palm Beach County is one of the top spots to grow tropical fruits ‘because of the sugar-sand soil and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean,’ he said.

Meghan McCarthy
Alexander Salazar, Tropical Acres Farms owner, holds a cut Edward mango. It is one of the newly introduced varieties of the fruit, including Carrie, Kent, Irwin, Simmons, Haden and Duncan.

Meghan McCarthy
Tropical Acres Farms grows Duncan mangoes. The farm also specializes in several dozen varieties of avocados, bananas, sapodilla, lychees, mamey sapote, jaboticaba and carambola.
Shiny Shots: Local mangoes

By Roberta Sabban

Daily News Food Editor

The Tropical Ac…