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Spain: Trops expects to close mango and avocado campaign with 50 million in turnover

The results achieved by Trops, a leader in the production and marketing of tropical fruits, mainly mangoes and avocados, could not be better. 

Hovav Wexler of Israel (L) speak with Enrique Colilles (R) at Trops Mango facility near Velez-Malaga during 2003 IMO Global Mango Conference

So much so that the firm, which brings together more than 2,300 growers, expects to close the 2014-2015 mango and avocado campaign with a 50 million Euro turnover, which is 32 percent more than in the previous year, when it reached 34,177,000 million Euro.

According to manager Enrique Colilles, with these results the company has reached sales figures initially expected for 2018-2019, and all thanks to increased trading volumes. 

Trops will close the season and fiscal year with about 27 million kilos of fruit sold, of which just over nine million corresponded to mangoes and more than 17 million to avocados.

More producers

Colilles believes that a crucial aspect has been the increase in the number of producers who…


Railex distribution center in Washington State

“The three weeks leading up to 4th of July, are our busiest period of the year for our California trains,”
says Lee Brown with Railex.

It's prime time for California potatoes, onions, carrots, citrus, celery, broccoli, and stonefruit shipments from West to East. 

“Grapes from Coachella and cantaloupes from Brawley are also big commodities being shipped via Railex now prior to the Central Valley of California ramping up production at the end of the month.”

“Many California growers have a hard time finding trucks to ship their produce this time of the year. Equipment is spread pretty thin and demand exceeds supply,”
adds Brown. 

"Due to the high demand, we currently ship three trains per week out of California with Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday departures to the Northeast United States as well as two train departures per week from California to the Southeast US with Tuesday and Thursday departures.”

“Train transit times from West to East …

FROM PAKISTAN WITH LOVE : Emirates Airline to start transportation of mango

June 22, 2015


Emirates Airline will start transportation of mango from Multan to Gulf states and European countries in August,2015, said Khalid S S Bardan, Vice President of Commercial Operation Centre in Pakistan while talking to the members of Executive Committee of Multan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) chaired by Mian Iqbal Hassan President of the chamber.

Bardan has said that Emirates, a global airline, would launch services to the ancient city of Multan, its sixth destination in Pakistan with effect from August Ist, 2015. Emirates will operate four weekly flights with an Airbus A330-200 aircraft in a two-class configuration, offering 54 seats in business class and 183 in economy class. He agreed to facilitate the members of Multan Chamber like member of other chambers, ie Sialkot, Faisalabad, Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. 

He assured that Emirates would provide transport facility for fresh fruits like mango, citrus and perishable items like vegetables for…