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PAKISTAN : Protocols questioned after shipment intercepted for Fruit Fly

Pakistani mango exporters comment on Dutch visa rejection

Following the rejection of a Pakistani mango shipment in Amsterdam last week after the presence of fruit flies was detected, which is the first such case this season and has put the fruit under the radar, FreshPlaza has been in contact with several Pakistani exporters to get their reactions on the issue.

Mr Babar Khan Durrani, Marketing Director of Durrani Associates, believes the Department for Plant Protection in Pakistan, which must check the quarantine status of the mangoes, has failed its duties.

 He assures that they are approved by numerous countries, including Australia, China, South Korea, Vietnam and Iran. 

Also,“last year we shipped 5,000 tonnes of mangoes to Europe and there was not a single interception.”

He believes that, “the Department for Plant Protection should hire entomologists on the higher posts so they can detect any non-quarantine pests on products to be exported. We are the largest exporter to Europe, so if …