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BAJA CALIFORNIA : Ensenada y Ruta del Valle de Guadalupe

June 19, 2015

Ensenada y Valle de Guadalupe

Debido a que el mes de agosto se avecina y junto con él las Fiestas de la Vendimia, quiero contarles sobre esta ciudad gastronómica y su ruta del vino.

Una de las curiosidades de la Baja, específicamente Tijuana y Ensenada es que son ciudades que se reactivaron económicamente a través de su gastronomía como es el caso en Lima, Perú, donde los chefs surgen como héroes de la ciudad.

En Adobe Guadalupe para la cena del chef Eduardo García- Agosto 2013

Volviendo al tema, estas fiestas comienzan en agosto y duran 3 semanas y finalizan un domingo con el concurso de las paellas, que es comer y tomar hasta morir. 

Durante las 3 semanas algunos viñedos organizan cenas con música y chef invitados, por ejemplo el chef Eduardo García de Maximo Bistrot ha participado 2 veces. 

Este año, algunos de los chefs que estarán: Jorge Vallejo del Quintonil y Elena Reygadas de Rosetta, por mencionar algunos. Les dejo la página donde encontraran los eventos, por si se ani…

BRICS : After years of boosting global growth, developing economies now a major drag on world economy

June 10, 2015 7:24 pm

Emerging markets: Trading blow

Jonathan Wheatley and James Kynge

Slump in growth: Exports and imports suffer across key emerging markets

It was only five years ago, but it feels like a different era. 

Roger Agnelli, the then chief executive of Vale, the Brazilian mining company, had just taken delivery of the first of an order of 35 Valemax ships, the biggest dry bulk carriers ever built. 

The vessels, bought primarily to ship iron ore to a voracious China, were so large that each one could carry iron ore sufficient for the steel to build the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco three times over.

“We are living through our best days . . . I strongly believe that even better days are ahead of us,”said Mr Agnelli in 2010. 

But Vale’s fortunes would soon begin to fade. Mr Agnelli was ousted a year later, and China temporarily banned the ships from its ports on safety grounds. In the first quarte…

AUSTRALIA : Picking fruit at night boosts mango prodcution

JUNE 29, 2015 12:00AM

Brothers and co-owners of Pinata farms Stephen and Gavin Scurr with kelpie Honey. Picture: Megan Slade.

Farms are starting to get pretty futuristic.

Queensland’s mango growers have been the first to pioneer new picking and sorting technology, using hi-tech LED and camera’s to improve productivity.

Piñata Farms has developed a new machine allowing their army of workers to pick fruit at night out of the hot sun, more than tripling their crop yield every day.

The new harvest aid comes equipped with seven advanced LED lights which allow workers to see ripe mangoes, whereas past technology would still make fruit hard to see.

Piñata Farms owner Gavin Scurr said with night time temperatures much lower than during the day, crops are also a better quality and pickers can go for longer without harsh heat.

“Temperatures can get into the low 40s and even 50s in the sun,” Scurr said.

“So from a temperature perspective is a lot better for staff to work in …

NEPAL : 2-day national mango festival fetches Rs 6 million


1 day ago

The two-day National Mango Festival at Bhrikutimandap has brought in transactions of Rs 6 million, according to the organisers.

Organised jointly by the Nepal Fruits Wholesale Professional Association and Fruits Development Directorate, the festival aims to promote the production and consumption of the locally produced mangoes.

The 2-day event saw the participation of various types of mangoes such as dashahari, alfanso (maldaha) and mitha aanp, among others in 12 different stalls.

Nepal produces some 270,000 metric tonnes of mango yearly, according to a government statistics.

Keshavraj Kafle, Chief of Fruits Development Directorate said that the festival had provided a platform for the consumers to directly interact with the producers of mangoes.

He said that the Directorate had established commercial gardens for mango plantation in various places across the nation and had provided the farmers with training, agricultural materials and grant for commercialisa…