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It's an 'aam' affair in aam aadmi's Delhi

Posted on: 07:56 PM IST Jul 08, 2015 | Updated on: 7:57 pm,Jul 8,2015 IST

Imagine the best weekend. 

Now add 600 varieties of mangoes to it and does it not sound like the ultimate weekend for a mango lover? 

Every year, Delhiites look forward to the fascinating display of lip-smacking varieties of the fruit at the International Mango Festival and this year was no different.

The 27th edition of the three-day event was inaugurated by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in Janakpuri's Delhi Haat on July 3. 

The main exhibition was held at the 960-sqm exposition hall, where 13 farmers and nine government institutions showcased different varieties of mangoes.

The most popular mangoes this year were Langra, Chausa, Amrapali, Rataul, Hussainara, Ramkela, Kesar, Fazri and Mallika.

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The aroma of the fruit and its various varieties left everyone captivated, with some hy…

Infographic: Maersk’s Big Data Drive

07 Jul 2015 

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A graphic taken from Maersk Line’s Facebook page shows the efforts the container line is taking to implement Big Data practices.

Maritime satellite communications provider KVH Industries has said that Big Data is key to the maritime industry’s future competitiveness and although the industry has been slow to catch on to this trend, it should now be making it a priority.

To read a Technical Paper by Orbita on Big Data and its applications, click here

The graphic shows that Maersk Line has transmitted around 30 terra-bytes of data via satellite links every month through its fleet.

There are currently around 5,000 data tags equipped onto a modern vessel.

(Source: Maersk / Facebook)

For all the latest on Maersk, click here

Productores peruanos de mango esperan con tranquilidad la floración

IMO : Aun cuando los expertos estan pronosticando otro El Nino parecido al 97-98...Peru esta demasiado tranquilo. Prudente seria prestarle un poquitito mas de atencion al posible desatre que viene en camino.

8 de julio de 2015

Los productores peruanos de mango están a la espera del inicio de la floración, con lo cual podrán tener una idea más clara de cómo vendrá la campaña 2015/16.

Foto: Archivo Portalfruticola

En ese sentido, los productores del fruto -por ahora- no ven peligro alguno debido al fenómeno de El Niño, según indicó el gerente general de la Asociación Peruana de Productores y Exportadores de Mango(APEM), Juan Carlos Rivera.

“El cultivo de mango está normal, acaba de terminar la cosecha hace unos meses y esperamos que dentro de las próximas semanas empiece la floración”,dijo en entrevista con

“Hasta ahora no tenemos nada que nos alarme. Este es un invierno tibio, y se sabe que no va a ser una floración récord, sin embargo confiamos en que haya floración, un…

Top quality fruit crucial to success of Australian mango exports to the US

NT Country Hour
By Daniel Fitzgerald

Updated yesterday at 5:34pm

PHOTO: The first Australian mangoes were exported to the US earlier this year. (Matt Brann: ABC Rural)

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Absolute top quality fruit is the key to developing a strong market for Australian mangoes in the US, according the industry's peak body.

00:00 AUDIO: Trevor Dunmall from the Australian Mango Industry Association speaks about mango exports to the US (ABC Rural)

The first shipments of Australian mangoes arrived in the US earlier this year, with the industry hoping to build exports in the coming mango season.

The Australian Mango Industry Association's [AMIA] industry development manager, Trevor Dunmall, said it was vital for all Australian mangoes exported to the …