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BUSINESS AS USUAL : 5 Reasons El Chapo's Escape Doesn't Matter

Written by James BosworthWednesday, 15 July 2015

MexicoEl ChapoSinaloa Cartel

Footage from before Chapo's escape through his shower tunnel

Of course El Chapo's escape from prison matters. But if you're reading this article, you've probably already read a dozen articles or analysis pieces explaining why. You don't need me to restate them. It's more useful and fun to be the writer arguing against the conventional wisdom. So here are the reasons Guzman's escape doesn't matter.

Guzman's escape is unlikely to impact Mexico's security situation. If you check the statistics in the past two years, Guzman's arrest did not significantly improve or deteriorate the overall security situation in Mexico and his escape is unlikely to change the current trends. 

Guzman's leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel doesn't impact the average person on the street. 

The average person's security in Mexico is far more impacted by the criminal mugging people in the p…


Dificultades climáticas mermarían la cosecha de mango en Ecuador

15 de julio de 2015

La temporada de mango en Ecuador se desarrolla entre los meses de octubre a enero, por lo que en estas fechas los productores comienzan a apreciar cómo se viene la temporada.


Sin embargo, el panorama para la campaña 2015-16 sería complejo debido a las actuales condiciones climáticas que enfrenta el país sudamericano, lo que también afectará las exportaciones.

De acuerdo a proyecciones de Bernardo Malo, presidente de la Fundación Mango del Ecuador, existe una preocupación generalizada entre los productores demango debido a las actuales condiciones climáticas, las que conducirían a una menor producción de la fruta.

“Para esta campaña 2015-16 existe preocupación por el tema climático. Hay temperaturas poco adecuadas, es decir, muy calientes y eso está afectando la floración y afectaría la fructificación”,declaró en entrevista con

“En este momento lo que podemos concluir es que la temporada está algo retrasada y no podemos …

China begins construction of 'world's tallest' dam

by Staff Writers
Beijing (AFP) July 15, 2015

China has begun building a 314-metre (1,030-ft) high dam which will be among the world's tallest, officials said, as the country massively expands hydropower.

The Shuangjiankou dam on a tributary of China's mighty Yangtze river will be completed in 2022, the environmental ministry said on its website Tuesday.

The facility, costing 36 billion yuan ($5.8 billion), will be higher than the world's current tallest dam, the 305-metre Jinping-1, also in China.

China has been expanding its hydropower electricity generating capacity as it seeks to reach a goal of obtaining 20 per cent of its power from non-fossil sources by 2030.

Beijing says reaching the target will help reduce growth in its carbon emissions responsible for climate change, the world's largest.

China is home to the world's largest dam, the Three Gorges, as well as some 85,000 other hydropower facilities.

Millions of people have been forced to relocate because of dam buil…

SOUTH FLORIDA : Program sells surplus mangoes at community gardens

irisphoto2 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

By Helen Wolt

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
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A new grassroots program aims to put an end to mangoes going to waste during the summer.

Mangoes for Charity will collect and distribute surplus fruit. Residents can drop off mangoes at any of its four community gardens. The locations also serve as sales outlets where the public is invited to purchase fruit.

Mangoes for Charity is a partnership between Auroras Voice, Delray Students First and Passion Vine Farm.

"Waste is anathema to me,"said Jeannie Fernsworth, horticulturist and manager of Passion Vine Farm in Lake Worth.

"I hate to see it when there's a bounty and an opportunity to make a difference in people's lives."

Donations raised from sales will support improvements in the four community gardens serving as mango markets — and in a new project, the Gladiolus Educatio…


The Mango Factory, sweet mangoes & heart on Pine Island


ATOMETICH@NEWS-PRESS.COM9:53 p.m. EDT July 14, 2015

Cleaned, just-picked Valencia mangoes await sorting at The Mango Factory in Bokeelia. (Photo: Annabelle Tometich/The News-Press)

The Mango Factory on Pine Island has been growing mangoes with love for 35 years.

(Photo: Annabelle Tometich/The News-Press)

The late Jack Flowerree opened The Mango Factory on Bokeelia in 1980.

The 25-acres mango grove sells more than a half-dozen varieties of mangoes from its 1,000+ trees.

It is now run by son Doug Flowerree, the man responsible for modernizing this historic orchard.

It took a few sputtering cranks before the engine turned over, but as the golf cart roared to life so too did Doug Flowerree.

He stepped on the gas, coasting under low-slung branches heavy with mangoes — dimpled Keitts, elongated Valencias, clusters of Hadens, and Kents shaped like the human heart.

"Superman's real name was Clark K…

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA : MangoMania Tropical Fruit Fair this weekend

July 15, 2015
Pine Island Eagle

After months of planning and right in time for harvest season, the annual MangoMania Tropical Fruit Fair will be held at the German American Social Club.

Sponsored by the Greater Pine Island Chamber of Commerce, MangoMania runs Saturday, July 18, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday July 19, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

The German American Social Club is located at 2101 Pine Island Road in Cape Coral, just east of Matlacha.

"The purpose of this annual event is to showcase all that Pine Island has to offer and to promote island growers and businesses," 
Chamber Executive Director Jennifer Jennings said.

"This year's 2015 event will start off with the singing of the national anthem by 'Trailer Park Barbie' and then the Pledge of Allegiance will be recited with the colors being presented by Pine Island American Legion Post 136."

Attendees will be greeted by 2015 Mango Queen Jonna Bouchard and MangoM…


Drone ready to work in fruit

FAA approved Yamaha’s remote-controlled copter for agricultural use.

Richard Lehnert // Jul 9, 2015 

The RMAX unmanned helicopter must be operated within line of sight of the pilot, who uses a remote control using a 72 MHz transmitter.(Courtesy Yamaha)

Fruit growers and vineyard owners who have trees and vines on difficult terrain may soon have access to a new tool to treat them with fertilizers or chemical protection materials.

On May 6, the Federal Aviation Administration gave permission to the Yamaha Corporation of America to use its RMAX unmanned helicopter—a drone—in commercial applications in agriculture.

Steve Markofski, communications spokesperson for Yamaha, based in California, said the company would not likely sell the machines but would lease them, and he expected the lessees would be companies that provide services to growers and would have people trained in the operation of the robots.

The machine has been tested for three years in Napa Valley viney…