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SRI LANKA : Nelna Group to invest Rs 500 m for mango export

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - 01:00

Hiran H.Senewiratne

Nelna Group plans to venture into export of mango on a large scale.

The company will invest Rs 500 million to set up two factories in Monaragala district. 

At present the company is running two plantations, one at Embilipitiya, which is 150 acres and the other one at Moneragala which is 500 acres targeting top-end markets in Middle East, Europe and Singapore, its Chief Executive Officer Sherman Gunatillake told the Daily News business.

“This is the largest plantation in the country, which has been branded as “Nelna” Mango, which is more than the international standard called BRIX level,” 
he said.

With the increasing demand the company will invest Rs 300 million for a mango pulp manufacturing plant and an Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) plant at an investment of Rs 200 million at Moneragala district, he said.

Gunatillake said that internal BRIX level or sweetness level is 14 percent to 16 percent. But “Nelna” branded mango as BRIX level…

FOCUS ON NUTRITION : How Americans can lose a lot of weight without giving up a single calorie

By Lenny Bernstein

July 27 at 7:00 AM 

(Reuters/Lucas Jackson)

You've heard for years that the French and Japanese are much thinner than Americans because their diets are so much better than ours. A new mathematical model assesses why that is and how much thinner Americans could be if they changed their eating habits.

According to the study, conducted by agricultural economists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Americans could cut 2.57 points off their average Body Mass Index score by adopting a Greek (Mediterranean) diet; 2.13 points by eating like Finns; 1.96 by adopting a French diet and 1.48 by eating like the 

That's a lot of weight. 

The study listed the average BMI in the United States at 28.45 in 2009. Finland was at 26.25, Greece at 25.75 and France at 25.35. All of those qualify as overweight (25 to 29.9), though not obese, which is a BMI of 30 or more. 

Only the Japanese, at 22.7, had an average BMI in the healthy range.

The scenarios assume a daily diet of 3…