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Infographic: MSC Evolution to World’s Largest Ship

03 Aug 2015
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An infographic released by MSC shows the evolution of its range of containerships, starting with the 650 TEU MSC Alexander, which was brought into operation in 1984, right up to the MSC Oscar series, which is currently the world’s largest ship at 19,224 TEU.

The containership in general has made a massive leap in capacity in the last 50 years, with a 1,200% overall size increase since 1968.

Designs for a 22,000 TEU ship are currently rumoured to be in the pipeline.

MSC recently launched an official ceremony for its MSC ‘Zoe’, named after the daughter of Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises and Alexa Aponte Vago, CFO of MSC. 

The ship will join the ranks as the world’s largest ship alongside the MSC Oscar and Oliver.

(Source: MSC) For all the latest on MSC, click here

In Defense of Hammocks

By Shannon Sims
AUG 01, 2015



Fifteen minutes a day in a swaying nap sack could result in world peace.

Last year, a popular Brazilian cartoon depicted a woman reclining in a hammock and haranguing someone at the other end of her cell phone:

 “Hey, bank? Have y’all deposited my family welfare, my school welfare, and my unemployment checks yet?”

The lowlife in the hammock became a meme during the presidential campaign, especially among conservative, anti-Rousseff types. 

“Vote for Dilma for more of this,”they snarked as they shared the image on social media.

Poor hammocks. 

Once again they had become entangled in the image of an underemployed, government-mooching Brazilian. 

This maligning of the hammock happens elsewhere too, like in the rhetoric of U.S. Republican presidential candidates who raise the specter that, as Paul Ryan has put it, the social safety net will become“a hammock that lulls able-bodied people to lives of dependency and complacency, that dr…


By Will Cavan
Executive Director
International Mango Organization (IMO)
Mango World Magazine (MWM)

August 03, 2015

La Costa, California - 

Expect the 2015 Mexico mango season to come to an earlier than usual ending as the country has set new record for volume shipments this season to exceed 60 million (4kg) cartons.

The National Mango Board is reporting that volume out of Mexico :

The Mexican season began at the end of January and will run until September with a projection of approximately 61 million boxes. (This includes a projection of approximately 7.8 million boxes for the North Sinaloa region). 

Oaxaca, Chiapas, Michoacán, Nayarit, Sinaloa, Guerrero, Jalisco and Nuevo Leon main varieties until 8/22/15 are Ataulfo (35%), Tommy Atkins (40%), Haden (9%), Kent (11%), Keitt (4%) and Other (1%). 

Volume shipped on week ending 7/25/15 

Volume shipped from Mexico was approximately 2,237,365 boxes for a total of 58,997,304 boxes for the season.  

Compared to the…

EL NINO 2015-2016 : Ecuador set for mango contraction


Monday 3rd August 2015, 09:07 Central Time

Volumes expected to fall by around a third in 2015/16 as temperatures rise says Fundación Mango

1Korea ups demand for Peruvian fruits

2Quality the key for Australian mangoes

3Weather threatens Pakistan mango targets

4CR declares emergency in wake of floods

5Karnataka to raise mango exports

6Mango Board pushes NWSL tie-up

7Dominican mango exports hit US$17.6m

8Peru “should focus on Asia”

An unusually warm winter will lead to a sharp fall in mango production in Ecuador for 2015/16. Bernardo Malo of Fundación Mango told Fruitnet that unseasonably high temperatures in July had interrupted blossoming and would lead to delays in harvesting as well as a significant drop in output.

“There is a lot of uncertainty about the impact of the higher temperatures on this season’s crop,” he said.

 “Up to the end of July temperatures were on average 30C higher than last year. Although it’s too early to give accurate forecasts we expect vol…

Amazon Produce buyer favors potential Veracruz route

by Tad Thompson | August 03, 2015

A new, direct steamship link carrying refrigerated cargo between Veracruz, Mexico, and Philadelphia would be a positive “that would change a lot of things,” in the view of mango importer David Ponce.

 Ponce is the procurement manager for Amazon Produce Network, which is based in Vineland, NJ.

David Ponce, the procurement manager for Amazon Produce Network, which is based in Vineland, NJ.

Ninety-five percent of Amazon’s produce imports are mangos. And a direct link with Veracruz would benefit Mexican mango exporters, as well as shippers of avocados, limes and other products, Ponce noted. 

“I’m a big fan of the concept. If buyers’ f.o.b. point for mangos was metro-Philadelphia instead of Mexico, those buyers could order one day in advance of their needs instead of anticipating needs three days’ shipping-time in advance of an overland route.”

Currently, Mexican mangos shipped to the eastern United States are trucked through McAllen, TX. Amazon has a Compton, C…