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Pakistan’s mango exports in hot water despite improved resources

* Exporters hold DPP responsible for the shortfall, want govt to investigate the reasons

Staff Report

August 08, 2015

KARACHI: The exporters have shown grave concerns over the decline in mango exports to Iran despite significant increase in resources and facilities, and held the Department of Plant Protection (DPP) responsible for failure in the implementation of their own policies.

“Ironically, with 29 hot water treatment plants, this year exports to Iran are standing just over 11,000 metric tonnes and the mango season is nearing to an end. Last year, Pakistan had exported 13,000 MT mangoes to Iran with the help of only one hot water treatment plant,”
said leading mango exporter and Durrani Associates CEO Babar Durrani.

He said that this year, the exports started early from 20th May and by June 17th it touched the figure of over 8,000MT, since then, the DPP only managed to clear 3,000MT mangoes for export to Iran because of wrong policies and operational inefficiencies.“This is an alarming…

Preferential treatment: Pakistan seeking trade agreement with Belarus

By Our Correspondent
Published: August 8, 2015

At present, the overall balance of trade is in favour of Belarus because of big imports of tractors, petroleum products, machinery and auto parts. PHOTO: FILE

ISLAMABAD: In a bid to give a boost to bilateral trade, Pakistani authorities have offered Belarus a preferential trade agreement (PTA).

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the Belarusian side also agreed to the proposal and talks for an early conclusion of the PTA would start soon.

The trade accord between the two countries was offered by Federal Minister of Commerce Khurram Dastgir Khan in a meeting with the Belarusian Minister of Trade and Economy in Minsk during his ongoing visit.

The commerce minister was accompanied by Board of Investment Chairman Dr Miftah Ismail, Ministry of Commerce Additional Secretary Robina Ather and Pakistan’s Ambassador to Belarus Masud Khan Raja.

A meeting of the Joint Economic Commission was also held in Minsk, which was co-chai…

EL NINO 2015 : How a two-degree rise in ocean temperature off Peru affects the entire world, and what greenhouse gas emissions have to do with it.

August 07, 2015 
By Ali Swenson and John Walsh

Ali Swenson is an editorial intern at TakePart. She is editor-in-chief of Loyola Marymount University’s news outlet, the Los Angeles Loyolan, and has worked in nonprofit media.
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John Walsh is an editorial intern at TakePart. He is a reporter for the USC Daily Trojan and has previously worked in film production.
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Wildfires torched 2 million acres in Australia. A blistering heat wave killed 2,800 in Indonesia. Thailand’s rice crop failed, causing prices to spike 80 percent. 

An “atmospheric river” flowed over Northern California, making it rain in San Francisco on 27 days in a single month.

These are just a few of the dramatic effects of the El Niño years of 1982–83 and 1997–98, two of the strongest on record, in the Pacific Rim.

 This year's El Niño, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, could be even stronger, and researchers are finding strong evidence that global climate change could be a cause. 



El Rosario, Sinaloa : Mexican Mango Buyer shot dead


A Mexican National from the state of Chiapas, was mortally wounded last night at one of El Rosario, Sinaloa's more prominent hotels located near Federal Highway 15.

The Buyer, Hilario Munoz Chavez, 57, was in town for the purchase of mangoes.

The event took place on Wednesday evening and eyewitness reports claim that two men were waiting to ambush Mr. Munoz, when he attempted to slam the door to protect himself.

The assailants fired into Mr. Munoz wounding him in the abdomen. The assailants were looking for substantial sums of money that are normally associated with the wholesale purchase of mangoes.

Apparently, the victim was not carrying any substantial amount of money and all the assailants got away with was the victims wallet with approximately 700 mexican pesos or less than $50.00 usd.

The victim was attended to by the Red Cross who attempted to save his life.

The Body was ultimately transferred to the IMSS Hospit…

Drought Affecting Lives Across Caribbean

Published:Friday | August 7, 2015

Christopher Serju

Gladstone Taylor
The dry spells have been affecting not just Jamaica, but other parts of the region. This recent aerial photo of the Mona Reservoir reflects the Jamaican reality.

The fact that there was no water coming from the face-basin tap on Tuesday did not faze Pamella Thomas. After all, experiencing severe drought conditions was nothing new for her. The reality for Thomas, however, was that she was in fact in a hotel in Jamaica, far removed from home.

"To be experiencing the same thing in Jamaica, it was normal for me, because at home, we don't have water for like a whole week," Thomas shared with The Gleaner. 

"We are feeling the very same effects back home, so it just felt like being back home. It wasn't anything unusual; it was normal."

Thomas, who is from Antigua and Barbuda, is a director of the Caribbean Association of Farmer's Network (CaFAN). 

She explained the impact of the prolonged drought con…

PAKISTAN 2015 : Majority of mango exports rely on air cargo