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INDIA 2015 : Mango orchards sound death knell for river


The once mighty river Gayathripuzha has turned into a trickle despite a relatively better monsoon in the eastern region of Palakkad.— Photo: K.K. Mustafah

Paddy fields, which used to recharge Gayathripuzha, are being increasingly converted

Rapid changes in land use patterns at Muthalamada and Pattenchery grama panchayats, located on the eastern borders of Palakkad district, in the recent years are contributing to the imminent death of the Gayathripuzha, confirms a study conducted by Kerala State Land Use Board.

As per data available with the board, 67 per cent paddy lands in the two panchayats, which earlier facilitated groundwater recharge, have been converted to mango and coconut groves.

The Gayathri river is the major feeder of Bharathapuzha and a perennial source of drinking and irrigational water for thousands of families in Kollengode, Nenmara, Alathur, and Vadakkancherry. 

Being the mango capital of Kerala, Muthalamada and adjacent Pattenchery are promoting large-scale con…

Border Crossing Bridge for Tijuana Airport to Open in December...

Sunday, August 9, 2015

By Sandra Dibble | SDUT -

The great majority of cross-border travelers who use Tijuana’s A.L. Rodríguez International Airport are Mexicans — and U.S. Latinos with ties to Mexico. 

Now, developers of a new privately operated cross-border bridge connecting directly to the Mexican terminal hope the project will broaden U.S. interest in flying out of Tijuana to destinations across Mexico.

The vision is that Americans with concerns about driving into Tijuana, or wary of long northbound border waits on their return to the United States, will book flights at Rodríguez airport.

“There’s a huge opportunity for those U.S. nationals to travel within Mexico,” 
said Enrique Valle, chief executive of Otay Tijuana Ventures, builder and operator of the future Cross Border Xpress. 

“This is something that the Tijuana airport is not exploiting a lot.”

Of some 4.7 million passengers using the Tijuana airport last year, about 60 percent were traveling to or from southern California. 

The id…


Sunday, August 09, 2015 - Karachi—The exporters have shown grave concerns over the decline in mango exports to Iran despite significant increase in resources and facilities, and held the Department of Plant Protection (DPP) responsible for failure in the implementation of their own policies.

“Ironically, with 29 hot water treatment plants, this year exports to Iran are standing just over 11,000 metric tonnes and the mango season is nearing to an end. Last year, Pakistan had exported 13,000 MT mangoes to Iran with the help of only one hot water treatment plant,”said leading mango exporter and Durrani Associates CEO Babar Durrani. 

He said that this year, the exports started early from 20th May and by June 17th it touched the figure of over 8,000MT, since then, the DPP only managed to clear 3,000MT mangoes for export to Iran because of wrong policies and operational inefficiencies. 

“This is an alarming situation and the DPP must be held accountable for this mismanagement,”he added.

He said…