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Flores y Frutos de mango de la temporada 2.015 que ojalá" El Niño" que se anuncia nos permita cosechar.....

"Hacienda Pivano", Colimes , Ecuador

Flores de Tommys

Los Mangos Tommys

Flores de Kents

These are Keitts !!! Photo taken August 14, 2015.

Will Cavan Mil Gracias Sergio Cedeño Amador

No sabia que el Keitt se adelantaba tanto..supuestamento son tardios??

Sergio Cedeño Amador Así suponíamos antes pero resulta que salen antes que los Kents y exportamos mango Keitt Verde para ensaladas por avión en Octubre

Note From Sergio Cedeño Amador:

Todas las fotos tomé hoy Will Cavan

Iniciaremos cosecha a mediados de Octubre hasta fines de Diciembre

Frutos Tommys y Keitts

Flores de Tommy y Kents

Canciller Rodríguez: Cuba y EEUU tienen ‘profundas diferencias’ sobre derechos humanos


AGOSTO 14, 2015

El secretario de Estado de EEUU, John Kerry, y el canciller cubano Bruno Rodríguez ofrecen una conferencia de prensa el viernes 14 de agosto, desde el Hotel Nacional en La Habana, en el marco de la histórica visita de Kerry a Cuba. Pablo Martinez Monsivais AP


Cuba y Estados Unidos mantienen “profundas diferencias” en la “interpretación de la historia” así como el entendimiento de “la democracia, los derechos humanos, modelos políticos y relaciones entre los Estados”, recalcó el canciller cubano Bruno Rodríguez en una conferencia conjunta con el secretario de Estado John Kerry este viernes en La Habana.

En respuesta a las palabras de Kerry en la ceremonia de la mañana en la nueva embajada de EEUU, el canciller cubano dijo durante la conferencia celebrada en el Hotel Nacional, que“Cuba se siente muy orgullosa por su ejecutoria de las garantías de los derechos humanos, libertades civiles y derechos políticos”.

Kerry, que viaj…

CAYMAN ISLAND : Mango festival features more than fruit

By: Jewel Levy |
14 August, 2015

It’s been a fruitful mango season in Cayman this year. – PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY

Mango-lovers will be treated to a festival featuring the “king of fruits” on Saturday at Cayman Cabana. 

The restaurant, owned by Luigi Moxam, is hosting the festival for the first time. 

“We had such a great mango season … and it’s coming down to the end. We wanted to gather the farmers together to create a mango festival where people can not only buy mangoes, but enjoy them as well,”said Mr. Moxam.

“You have mangoes in your yard? We are inviting people to bring their own homemade mangoes and sauce to enter a competition for bragging rights and a prize for the best homemade mango sauce,” he said. 

The festival will include a food and beverage menu that showcases mangoes in all their glory, featuring jams, salsa, tacos, smoothies, mango rum and more. 

“Anything that we can think of mango will be on the menu for tasting and purchasing,” Mr. Moxam said. 

Mr. M…




Mango IPA. How very Florida.
Doug Fairall

Every week, we take a look at a craft beer brewed in Florida. 

Follow #FloridaBeerFriday for more reviews of Sunshine State brews. Get out there and #DrinkLocal.

This week we're taking a look over to the beach side in Hollywood, where a brewery is pumping out beers right on the waterfront, the Hollywood Brewing Company. 

Earlier this year, the brewery dropped the 'Organic' part of its previous name and decided to open up a full-scale production brewery near Sheridan Street, getting a new starfish inspired logo in the process.


Florida Beer: The Gilded Age Golden Lager by Two Henrys Brewing Co.

They are still a European-centered brew house, with the pilsners and lagers reigning supreme at the beach-side brewpub on the boardwalk, but are beginning to delve into some more seasonal and experimental brews. 

Here, we're going to be taking a look at one of the more interesting …

Dirk Winkelmann returns to the Vanguard International Group

The Vanguard International Group (Vanguard) announced today that Dirk Winkelmann has joined its team as the Chief of Business Development Officer.

Dirk will be responsible for working closely with Vanguard’s senior leadership on acquisitions, mergers, integration, and global procurement. 

“I look forward to working with the Vanguard team to build a leading, globally competitive, vertically integrated fresh fruit and vegetable business, from farm to customer, focusing on acquisitions and integration,” stated Winkelmann.

“With over 28 years of industry experience, and having worked for Vanguard International from 1994 through 2006 where he was responsible for building Vanguard’s offshore procurement businesses, Dirk is uniquely qualified and all of us at Vanguard welcome him back with great enthusiasm,”
stated Craig Stauffer, Vanguard’s CEO.

Guy Kisling, Vanguard’s CFO/CAO said,“Dirk is a well-known and respected authority in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry. He is uniquely qualified i…


How exotic fruits, veggies became commonplace

by Phyllis Gates
Featured Story, Lifestyle

Amanda Harris will discuss her new book, ‘Fruits of Eden: America’s Plant Hunters,’ tonight at 7 p.m at the Shelter Island library.

Much of what we eat today comes from the sea that surrounds our Island, from the rich land of our own gardens, farms as nearby as the North Fork or shipped fresh from Florida or the West Coast.

Until the end of the 19th century though, American menus were quite limited — standard seasonal farm fare, fresh or preserved through salting, smoking or “canning.”

David Fairchild and a small group of other dedicated botanists changed all that. 

Now we can enjoy a cornucopia of tasty, colorful fruits and vegetables grown from seeds collected from around the world.

Islander Amanda Harris comes to the library’s Friday Night Dialogues tonight, August 14 at 7 p.m. on to discuss her new book, “Fruits of Eden: America’s Plant Hunters,” and to tell how Fairchild and his fellow explorers, who…

Venezuela: Rise of a narcostate

Roger F. Noriega@rogernoriegaUSA

August 11, 2015 9:28 am | AEIdeas

Foreign and Defense Policy
Latin America

Venezuela is a narcostate, controlled by senior political leaders and security officials who have used state resources and state-owned companies in the cocaine trade. 

For example, US authorities have gathered documents and eyewitness testimonies implicating officers of the state-run oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA), in engaging in transactions and money laundering on behalf of cocaine smugglers within the government. 

Sources also have informed US authorities that the campaigns of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela have been financed by drug smuggling and money-laundering profits.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro (C) speaks in front of a poster of late President Hugo Chavez during the Second ALBA-Petrocaribe Summit at the 4F military fort in Caracas, December 17, 2013. REUTERS/Miraflores Palace

Although the Venezuelan regime’s complicity in narcotics …

The U.S. outrageously snubs Cuban dissidents

The Post's View

The newly reopened U.S. embassy stands along the famous Malecon seaside avenue in Havana, Cuba. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

By Editorial Board 

August 13 at 8:11 PM

THE AMERICAN flag is a powerful symbol of the country’s long and noble struggle to defend the values of freedom and democracy. 

When Secretary of State John F. Kerry raises it over the U.S. embassy in Cuba on Friday, the ceremony will mark an end to a half-century of hostility between the two nations. 

President Obama has gambled that establishing normal relations with Cuba — commerce, information, culture and “soft power” — is the best way to change the isolated island, still in the grip of the Castro brothers and their sclerotic revolution.

What’s unfortunate about the scenario planned for Havana is that Mr. Kerry has decided to omit the very people in Cuba who embody the values that the American flag represents: human dignity, the wisdom of the individual above the state and free access to basic rights …