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Concierto de Marc Anthony
Sábado 22 de Agosto de 2015
Lugar: Vinícola Viñedos El-Cielo

Boletos en Vinícola. Dirección: Parcela 117 2-1 P 1/4 del Ejido El Porvenir

El Cielo Valle de Guadalupe presenta el gran Concierto de Marc Anthony tour 2015.

 Un espectáculo increíble de talla internacional.


- Master: $4,200
- VIP: $3,700
- Preferente: $2,900
- Numerado: $1,900
- General sillas: $950
- Gradas: $750

Para más información:
Alejandra Ríos Sing (646) 116 56 47

TRACKING EL NINO 2015 : What is El Niño — and why should I care?

As of Today (August 17, 2015):

Back in 1997-'98, a massive El Niño in the Pacific Ocean pushed global temperatures to new highs and triggered a spate of extreme weather around the world, ultimately causing some $35 billion in damage and 23,000 deaths.

It was a reminder that El Niños can be extremely powerful events, disrupting weather patterns all around the world. Climatologists have been talking up the possibility of a strong El Niño in late 2015, which is worth watching.

El Niño is a complex weather phenomenon that occurs irregularly in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean every two to seven years.

 When the trade winds that typically blow from east to west in this region weaken, sea surface temperatures in the east and central tropical Pacific start rising.

Some El Niño events are strong, some are mild — and they can last anywhere from seven months to two years. 

But El Niño events typically push up global surface temperatures and bring heavy rain to South America, drought to countrie…

China's Crisis: The Price of Change

Geopolitical Weekly

AUGUST 18, 2015 | 08:08 GMT

By Rodger Baker

Last week was an eventful one for China. 

First, the People's Bank of China shocked the financial world when it cut the yuan's reference rate against the U.S. dollar by nearly 2 percent, leading to a greater than 2 percent drop in the value of the yuan in offshore trading. 

The decline triggered a frenzy of speculation, including some expectations that the Chinese move would trigger a race to the bottom for Asian currencies. Beijing said the adjustment was designed to fix distortions between the trading rate of the yuan and the rate it should have been at according to speculation, and that subsequent large shifts were unlikely. 

The International Monetary Fund, however, noted that the move could lead to a freer floating yuan — something the IMF has asked of Beijing before the organization considers including the yuan in its Special Drawing Rights basket of currencies. In comments made on the sidelines of its annual rep…

AUSTRALIA 2015 - 2016 MANGO SEASON : Sunraysia households urged to join fruit fly fight

AUGUST 18, 2015 12:14PM

Backyard solution: Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area chief executive John Tesoriero with the fruit fly traps that will be used in a mass trapping program across Sunraysia. 
Picture: supplied

HOUSEHOLDS in Mildura, Wentworth, Swan Hill and Robinvale are being urged to get behind the biggest fruit fly trapping exercise ever undertaken in Australia.

The mass trapping aims to saturate urban areas with traps for male and female Queensland fruit fly in a concerted campaign to reduce numbers and damage from the devastating horticultural pest.

The Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area Industry Development Committee is coordinating the campaign.

This comes after a successful trial held at Swan Hill last year.

“Our aim is to have the non-invasive traps in every residential garden in the urban areas,” committee chairman Paul Grigg said.

“It’s a huge task, but we know from the initial Swan Hill experience last year and repeated during July, that strong commun…