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Mango Crop Report Alert from the National Mango Board

The Mango Crop Report from the National Mango Board has been updated. Click here to see the newest Mango Crop Report.

Please note - after you click on the link, you may need to refresh the page to see the most current report.

Mango Market News

Mango volume shipped for the week ending 8/15/15 was approximately 1,307,497 boxes. 

Compared to the same week last year, volume shipped was approximately 992,507 boxes.

Detailed variety information has been added to the NMB Crop Report. 
Click here to get the report.

Mexico Mango Crop Information

The Mexican season began at the end of January and will run until late August or early September. 

Oaxaca, Chiapas, Michoacán, Nayarit, Sinaloa, Guerrero, Jalisco and Nuevo Leon main varieties until 8/22/15 are:
** Ataulfo (35%),
** Tommy Atkins (40%), 
** Haden (9%), 
** Kent (11%), 
** Keitt (4%) 
and Other (1%).

Volume shipped on week ending 8/15/15

Volume shipped from Mexico was approximately 902,785 boxes for a total of 63,383,415 boxes for the season setting a n…

Brazilian supplies starting up Mexican mango imports wrapped up

Mango imports from Mexico are wrapping up, and with Brazilian shipments not near peak volumes, current supply levels are keeping prices strong. If Ecuadoran imports arrive later than normal, then current mango prices could stay up.

“The late Mexican deal in Los Mochis began and ended earlier than usual this year,”
said Ronnie Cohen of Vision Produce.

 “Demand continues to grow, and because of the early end to the late Mexican deal, that demand has created a higher than usual F.O.B. market, so prices are higher than historicals.”

On August 20, prices for a carton of Keitt size 4 mangos were between $7.25 and $8.00 at Mexico crossings through Nogales, Arizona. 

With the Brazilian export season still in its early stages, prices for Brazilian fruit have also been high.

“There are very low volumes right now out of Brazil,”
said Gary Clevenger of Freska Produce. 

“We're looking at around 40 or 45 containers arriving this weekend and around 80 or 90 the following week. I think the peak will be a…


Mangoes are the fresh pick of the week

Michael C. Green, Special to The Desert Sun

9 p.m. PDT August 20, 2015

Keitt and Valencia Pride Mangoes from Wong Farms, located in Mecca, just North of the Salton Sea, are this week’s Fresh Pick of the Week from the Certified Farmers’ Markets. Well-known locally for their wonderful Shady Lady tomatoes, Wong Farms also grow some of the best mangoes you’ll ever taste.

Commercially grown mangoes are often chosen from varieties that store and ship well, and although they look good, the taste is sometimes bland, and the flesh is often stringy and fibrous. 

Not so with the mangoes from Wong Farms. These local beauties are grown solely for their superior flavor and creamy texture. 

These mangoes don’t last long, though, so get them now.

The Keitt and Valencia Pride mangoes from Wong Farms are so popular that many chefs and regular customers call their orders in well in advance of the season just to make sure they get some of the delicious fruit! 

As a result, …