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One number means everything in China right now

Linette Lopez

Aug. 24, 2015, 9:54 AM


Chinese markets on Friday led the world in a hair-raising sell-off that continues to this very moment.

The Shanghai Composite, after taking a beating during July's sell-off, has now erased its gains for 2015.

The government's measures to stop the bleeding didn't stop it earlier this summer, and they don't seem to be stopping it now.

But that doesn't mean the government has stopped trying to use its $3.6 trillion in foreign-exchange reserves to calm the chaos. And that huge number has been a comfort to observers around the world.

But the true picture of China's fortress foreign-exchange reserve pile is far more complicated than that. China's reserves have been taking a hit from massive capital outflows for months now. Over the last seven weeks alone, $190 billion has left the country.

This is the number to watch. With every month, that reserve pile dwindles at an accelerated rate. 

Panic only makes that rate accelerate. Ca…



August 29, 2015, 6:00 PM

Iowa poll: Bernie Sanders closing in on Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders (L); Hillary Clinton (R)

Independent Bernie Sanders is closing in on Hillary Clinton in Iowa, narrowing the gap to a single-digit lead, according to a new poll.

A Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll released Saturday found that 37 percent of likely Democratic caucus goers say Hillary Clinton is their first choice for president, compared to 30 percent for Sanders. 

In June, Sanders trailed Clinton by a much wider margin, with 24 percent to Clinton's 50 percent.

Clinton and Sanders pitch DNC as Biden bid looms

Fourteen percent chose Vice President Joe Biden, who is mulling a presidential run. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley would garner three percent, and former Virginia Senator Jim Webb would be the first choice of two percent.

It's worth noting that in this poll, Sanders isn't a protest choice for those who support him: the vast majority - 96 percent - …

WSJ : Best Fish Tacos in Baja California, Mexico

Searching Ensenada, Tijuana and San Felipe for the tastiest, freshest classic fried fish tacos


Updated Nov. 9, 2013 9:14 p.m. ET

FRESH SHACKS | A fish taco at Tacos La Floresta in Ensenada LUIS GARCIA FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

ENSENADA, A QUIET sunny city tucked between the Pacific Ocean and Mexico's Sierra de San Pedro Mártir mountains, is built on fishing. Every day, long-line vessels and fiberglass sport-fishing boats come into port to unload their catch: sea bass and yellowtail, sea urchin and lobsters, red and blue parrot fish, bright-orange vermilion rockfish and other colorful species.

On a mild day, I walked from the port into the sedate downtown where, in countless stands made from painted plywood and Coca-Cola signs, much of that seafood was being turned into an iconic local dish: fish tacos. 

Chunks of mako shark and handfuls of shrimp were dipped in beer-based batter and fried in por…

TURKEY : Pakistan Mango Festival attracts huge gathering in Ankara


Sarfraz Ali

August 29, 2015 7:06 pm

ANKARA (Online) – A large number of Turks had a first hand experience of the taste, juiciness and aroma of the famous Pakistani mango varieties as they converged at Pakistan House in Ankara on Friday evening to feast on a wide spread of mango delights made out of freshly-arrived mangoes from Pakistan.

While Briefing the guests about the ‘King of Fruits,’ a popular name for Pakistani mangoes, Ambassador Sohail Mahmood said though Pakistani Mangoes are well-known in Turkey, but are not available to mango-lovers on a regular basis. It was our endeavour to popularize the mangoes even more, and to facilitate their easier marketing in Turkey, he added.

“There are over 110 varieties of high quality mangoes in Pakistan and the country is the 5th largest producer and 6th largest exporter in the world,”
according to press statement issued on Saturday.

Chairman of Pakistan-Turkey Cultural Association and Member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Burhan K…

Restringida la cobertura periodística en el lado venezolano de la frontera

Colombianos logran burlar el cierre de la frontera "pagando" a militares venezolanos


EFE / Archivo
Jueves, Agosto 27, 2015

Según el portal web Runrunes, más de 5.000 colombianos han logrado burlar el cierre de la frontera venezolana ordenado por Nicolás Maduro. Pasaron a Colombia pagándoles a los funcionarios de la FANB encargados de garantizar la seguridad del territorio de Venezuela.

Vea también: “El problema no es el contrabando, es la violación a los DD.HH. de los colombianos”: Andrés Pastrana a NTN24

Con una inversión de apenas 2.700 un guía los pone en suelo neogranadino. Explicó un muchacho de Llano Jorge, localidad que está pegada a la frontera con Colombia en San Antonio del Táchira. Se refiere a que, mientras haya prohibiciones, ellos van a encontrar la manera de saltarse la ley.

Todos en la ciudad lo saben: en estos días de paso cerrado algunas personas se dedican a guiar a los urgidos por cruzar a Colombia. 

Son 20 minutos de excursión por una finca, hasta llega…