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Pakistani Mango attracts crowds at “Pakistani Mango – A Taste of Pakistan Exhibition” in Tokyo



Pakistani mangoes which enjoy unique position in the global market due to their exquisite taste, distinct flavour and sweetness, pulled crowds of mango lovers for the Mango Tasting Event at the Embassy of Pakistan in Japan.

As part of a series of events being organized for celebrating the arrival of King of Fruits- Royale Chaunsa, the Embassy of Pakistan in collaboration with FnF Pakistan organized a “Pakistani Mango –A Taste of Pakistan Event” in the Event Hall of the Embassy of Pakistan.

Japanese people belonging to different walks of life including Parliamentarians, diplomats, the media, businessmen and academia enjoyed the event and appreciated the quality and taste of mangoes in terms of its richness and uniqueness. 

The hall was thematically decorated to display mangoes and present for tasting as the hallmark of the event. 

Pakistani cuisine with not only fresh mangoes but also dishes including mango slices, ice creams, salads, sushi, cakes, curries, smoot…

AUSTRALIA : Northern Territory mango season gathering pace with growers busy harvesting fruit near Darwin

ABC Rural By Matt Brann

Updated yesterday at 11:15pm

PHOTO: The Berry Creek packing shed is currently pumping out about 8,000 mango trays a day. (Matt Brann (ABC Rural))

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MAP: Darwin 0800

The Northern Territory mango season is now well underway with most of the growers around Darwin busy picking this week.

Mangoes from the NT have been dribbling into markets for more than a month, but the harvest is really starting to ramp up.

Tim Elliott from Berry Creek Packing said plenty of NT mangoes were heading to markets around Australia.

"It's ramped up this week for sure and over the next two weeks it looks like we'll have really good volumes of fruit,"he told ABC Rural.

"We've got about 60 people working he…

APEM IN DENIAL ??? : Peru expects good mango production

After a 2014-2015 mango campaign with unfavourable weather conditions, a good production is expected for the 2015-2016 season.

Mostly as a result of good weather conditions at the flowering stage and the lack of rainfall in the final stages of the harvest, a record 162,900 tonnes were exported in the 2013-2014 campaign (December to March). 

Of these, 136,400 tonnes (83.7%) were sold fresh, 19,000 tonnes (11.7%) were frozen, 2,400 (1.5%) were used for preserves, 2,500 tonnes (1.5 %) went to juice production and 2,600 tonnes (1.6%) were dehydrated.

The 2014-2015 campaign, by contrast, had unfavourable weather conditions for the production, which dropped to 130,000 tonnes, of which 104,000 tonnes (80%) were sold fresh, 18,000 tonnes (14%) were frozen and the rest was used for juice or dehydrated.

"What we expect in the 2015-2016 campaign is to have a good production," 
said Juan Carlos Rivera, of the Peruvian Association of Mango Producers and Exporters.

 "Maybe the production w…