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Hamburg Süd adds Carrier Transicold XtendFRESH™ tech

The new XtendFRESH systems have been placed into service in support of avocado exporters shipping from the west coast of South America to Asia, North America and Europe, according to Martin Schoeler, senior manager, Logistics-Technology, Hamburg Süd.

“Avocados are a significant market and initially will be the main target of utilization,” Schoeler said, adding that banana exports beyond 30 days will also be able to benefit from the XtendFRESH system’s capabilities.

“Ethylene removal is a unique feature of the XtendFRESH system that differentiates it from other systems and is definitely much desired by our customers,”
said Michaela Steineker, global reefer manager, Sales & Marketing, Hamburg Süd, explaining that in collaborating with Carrier Transicold on operational tests, the shipping line stressed the importance of this capability in an atmosphere control system.

Prior to purchase, Hamburg Süd commissioned independent testing on the XtendFRESH system by Eurofins, using bananas in st…

THAILAND : Dried mango buyers urged to cover requirements from other sources

Buyers of dried mango are being advised to cover now as the raw material availability from Thailand will be limited.

By Julian Gale

Published: 10 September 2015 11:49 AM

This was highlighted by QFN Trading & Agency in its latest report on tropical dehydrated fruits.

“Thailand is expecting a small mango crop between October and November,”
the company explained.

Chilean mango imports rise six-fold since 2009

September 10th, 2015

Chile has significantly increased its mango import volumes over recent years, as its neighbor to the north continues to boost production.

Imports by the South American country rose from 766 metric tons (MT) in 2009 to 4,796MT in 2014, according to the country’s Office for Agricultural Research and Planning (ODEPA).

The increased exports can largely be attributed to Peru, which in 2014 had a 74% share of the Chilean market, followed by Ecuador with 15% and Brazil with 10%. It should be noted only 3% of Peru’s mango exports are destined for Chile.

Ecuador overtook Brazil as the second-biggest supplier to Chile in 2014.

Peruvian shipments to Chile start around the month of October and extend until March, after which time the volumes decrease significantly.

Production had been growing rapidly in Peru, although in 2014 hit a setback as climatic conditions affected the flowering process.

Wholesale prices in Chile from January to August 2015 were on average US$2.2 per kilogram,…

PERU/APEM ESTARA PREPARADO ??? : El Niño será el más intenso desde 1997-1998

9 de septiembre de 2015

Según un informe de la Organización Mundial de Meteorología (OMM), durante agosto las temperaturas de la superficie de las partes central y oriental del Pacífico tropical se situaron entre 1,3° y 2,0°C por encima de lo normal, con lo que se estaría produciendo un episodio “fuerte y maduro” del fenómeno climático conocido como El Niño y es posible que se intensifique aún más.

Temperaturas anómalas de la superficie del Pacífico durante la fase más intensa del último Niño fuerte en diciembre de 1997 / Imagen vía Wikimedia Commons

El último boletín El Niño/La Niña Hoy de la OMM indica que el episodio de El Niño de este año es el más fuerte desde 1997-1998 y se encuentra, seguramente, entre los cuatro más fuertes desde 1950.

De igual forma, se prevé que la intensidad máxima de este episodio se alcance entre octubre de 2015 y enero de 2016, sin embargo su impacto ya se hace sentir en algunas regiones y será más patente por lo menos durante los próximos 4 a 8 meses.


INDIA : Mangoes to make the most of long dry spell in Gujarat

Himanshu Bhatt,
TNN | Sep 10, 2015, 11.23 AM IST

SURAT: Less rains this monsoon mean banana, papaya and paddy among other crops will suffer damage, but the phenomenon could actually benefit mango plantations in south Gujarat. Average rainfall in south Gujarat is around 1,750mm but so far the region has received only 50% of it. 

The dry spell will help cause good flowering and early firming up of fruits on mango trees, horticulture experts said, adding that the fruit had witnessed moderate production in the state in the past few years. 

Dr. B M Patel, associate director of research, Navsari Agriculture University (NAU), said,"Deficient rainfall may affect crops grown on yearly basis. However, output of mango trees may see an increase in this dry spell." 

Mango and sugarcane are major cash crops in south Gujarat. Valsad and Navsari districts account for 45% of total production of mangoes in the state. 

N I Shah, former in-charge of NAU's mango farm in Pariya in Valsad district, …

This Brazilian Beef Company Has a $2 Billion Stake in Venezuela’s Future

In June, the president of Venezuela’s congress, Diosdado Cabello, spent four days in Brazil. It wasn’t a secret. He was accompanied by other officials, tweeted that he was “working for the homeland” and met with the president. But it was an unusual state visit.

His first major meeting was with Joesley Batista, the eldest of a billionaire clan of five siblings who control JBS SA, the world’s largest meat packer. On three days, Cabello went to JBS plants. He dined with the Batista family.

If spending so much time with a foreign meat producer seems surprising, it tells a great deal about the co-dependent relationship emerging between one Brazilian company and the government of Venezuela. And it is a lesson in the Venezuelan government’s priorities these days. December elections are looming as hyperinflation, falling production and rising crime have led to food rationing, riots and looting.

“The government’s main worry now is food supply,” 
Fernando Portela, executive director of the Venezuel…