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The 11 countries with the best infrastructure around the world

Elena Holodny


Wikimedia Commons Hong Kong Station

Large-scale, efficient infrastructure is a must-have for any economy to function competitively.

And that infrastructure needs to be maintained and even updated if a country wants its economy to run smoothly.

However, over the last few years since financial crisis, the infrastructure quality deteriorated in many developed countries, including the US, Germany, and France, according to the recent report by the World Economic Forum.

As a result, they're not leading the way in terms of infrastructure quality.

We took a closer look at the 11 countries with the highest quality infrastructure, according to data in the WEF's report. Check them out below.

11. United States

Reuters/Gary Cameron

The deteriorating support and sub-structure of the Memorial Bridge is pointed out by a bridge inspector in Washington.

The United States ranked 1st overall in terms of available airlines seats, and 5th for quality of air transport structure.

However, the US …

Australian mango production forecast down on last year

QLD Country Hour
Lara Webster

Updated about 9 hours ago

PHOTO: Mangoes will be harvested later this year because of late flowering. (Lara Webster )

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MAP: Townsville 4810

As the Queensland mango picking season looms, the industry is forecasting a drop in national production.

Pre-harvest preparations have begun in the Sunshine State, and the Australian Mango Industry Association has anticipated the national crop will be down by about one-and-a-half million trays from last year's record crop of 9.5 million.

00:00 AUDIO: Australian Mango Industry Association CEO Robert Gray discusses the forecast for Queensland's upcoming harvest. (ABC Rural)

AMIA Chief Executive officer Robert Gray said the main contributing factor to the reduction was late flowering.

"We've had a split flowering across all of the production regions this year, and that's largely come as a result of the winter,"he said.

"From the Northern Ter…


World ready to eat more mangoes with demand on the rise

Conference Sponsors:

ABC Rural By Matt Brann

Updated about 5 hours ago

PHOTO: Mangoes on display at the 11th International Mango Symposium in Darwin, NT. (Matt Brann)

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MAP: Darwin 0800

The Symposium is a joint initiative of the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries and the International Society for Horticultural Science.

The Symposium will be comprised of plenary sessions, discipline focused sessions, workshops, and poster session and a sponsor display where delegates can formally present, promote and discuss their work and products with other delegates.

 The …

CUBAZUELA : Menosprecian a Maduro en la ONU


 1 octubre, 2015 

Por Carlos Vilchez Navamuel

La realidad no se puede ocultar, el presidente Nicolás Maduro, no solo tiene una muy mala imagen en su país, sino también en el ámbito internacional, esto se acaba de comprobar en EEUU en su visita a la 70 Asamblea Nacional de las Naciones Unidas, cuando el mandatario venezolano fue a dar su discurso, la mayoría de las personas se retiraron, el hombre habló ante tan pocos asistentes, que la única palabra que encontramos para describir lo que allí sucedió, es menosprecio, sí, eso es precisamente lo que cualquier persona sentiría al presentarse ante este famoso auditorio y ver tantas sillas desocupadas, las fotos lo muestran tal y como sucedió.

Y esto se repitió dos veces, así nos lo informó el sitio denominado maduradas:“El presidente Nicolás Maduro, fue protagonista de un bochornoso momento cuando ofreció su segundo discurso en la Asamblea General de la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU) en Nueva York, ante una sala prácticame…