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A day in the life of a social media manager

By Kevin Allen | Posted: October 5, 2015

Ten years ago, the job title of social media manager simply did not exist. Today, marketing departments (and brands’ social media accounts) couldn’t run without them.

The job requires acute attention to detail, a journalist’s eye for storytelling and the ability to stay on top of trends across existing and new social platforms.

A social media manager’s work is often the front door to a person getting to know or understand your business. They can be your company’s voice or the cause of an unwanted PR nightmare.

An infographic from Socialcast by VMware outlines a day in the lives of these unsung heroes, from the first a.m. email check to scanning the web for curated content to those final before-bed tweets.

It also contains a salary range breakdown by city (New York, L.A. and Chicago), so you have something to go with you when you march into your boss’s office this afternoon to show how underpaid you are.

Check out the infographic below:

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One body found, search continues for survivors of the El Faro

By: Eric Nelson | Oct 05 2015 at 11:04 AM | 

Liner Shipping

The U.S. Coast Guard has changed the search to a hunt for survivors after covering over 70,000 square miles covered. The USCG spokesman Mark Fedor commented “we believe it sank in the last known position on Thursday, Search for survivors continues.”

They had recovered a life boat which had markings making it appear to belong to El Faro with “no signs of life there”, other life-saving devices were also found with no survivors present.

One person in survival suit was declared deceased and was not recovered at the time do to the fast moving mission to find survivors.

The USCG spokesman Mark Fedor confirmed this further by reiterating“We modified our search effort to focus on life-saving.”

Fedor added “We will hopefully find survivors, that is our focus.”

The USCG now has 3 cutters, 3 tugs, as well as a full schedule of aircraft for today focusing on smaller objects at sea.

When questioned about what conditions the crew would of been fac…

Trade delegates reach deal on Trans-Pacific Partnership

The TPP agreement, which includes the United States and 11 other countries in the Pacific Rim and the Americas, covers a range of industries and promises to reduce or eliminate tariffs and quotas on numerous products.

By Chris Gillis |Monday, October 05, 2015

Trade negotiators from 12 countries, including the United States, who were holed up in an Atlanta hotel, reached a deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the early morning hours Monday, according to multiple media reports. The trade agreement covers a range of industries and promises to reduce or eliminate tariffs and quotas on numerous products traded between the member countries. 

In addition to the United States, TPP includes Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. Some of the last-minute wrangling between the countries focused on market access for dairy and certain pharmaceutical products.…


Here are amazing aerial pictures of the ‪#‎CMACGM‬ Bougainville in Port of Le Havre. 

Credits to Vincent Rustuel for these impressive shots.