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Brazil's richest man dreams of taking over Coca-Cola and firing all of its employees

Lucinda Shen


Scott Olson/Getty Jorge Lemann, founding partner of 3G Capital

He already controls Burger King, Kraft, Stella Artois, and Heinz.

And for a while now, Brazil's richest man, Jorge Lemann, has been eyeing $178.2 billion beverage-giant Coca-Cola, according to Bloomberg.

"We'd love to take a look at Coca-Cola,"

Lemann said in 2008 at a private meeting, according to the report.

"We could run it with 200 people," he joked.

That would mean cutting most of Coke's 100,000 employees.

Lemann has strung together some of the biggest acquisitions of all time in the past five years through his investment company, 3G Capital. The 76-year-old billionaire is known for his cutthroat management style and the swift layoffs that follow an acquisition.

Read about Jorge Lemann in Bloomberg's most influential list.

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BEST EATS IN BAJA (Part 1 of 2)

Hunt for missing El Faro ship enters 4th day, hopes fade for crew

By: Reuters | Oct 06 2015 at 11:56 AM | Liner Shipping

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Search and rescue teams resumed scouring the seas on Monday for the missing cargo ship El Faro and it mostly American crew, after it was caught in the eye of Hurricane Joaquin four days ago, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

More than 70,000 square nautical miles have been searched so far, the Coast Guard said.

 On Sunday, aircrews found a debris field in the vicinity of the ship’s last known position, including styrofoam, wood, cargo and other items.

There was no confirmation that the debris belonged to the El Faro, though one life ring found earlier was from the missing ship, the Coast Guard and Tote Maritime confirmed.

A 735-foot (224-meter) container ship with 28 U.S. citizens and five Polish nationals aboard, the El Faro left Jacksonville on Tuesday headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

On Thursday, it reported losing propulsion, listing and taking on water after sailing into the path of Joaquin off Crooked Island in the …


"There is mango"
The president of the Peruvian Association of Mango Producers and Exporters, Joaquin Balarezo, said they hadn't had a problem with the flowering of mango, and that they were getting ready to export 100,000 tons of fruit, just as they did last year. He also stated that the rains could damage the fruit.

Peru: Thousands of hectares threatened by rain

Ninell Dedios, a specialist form the Regional SENAMHI, said that the possible year-end rains in Piura could jeopardize 153,500 hectares of various crops including, coast mango, grape, lemon, organic bananas, rice.

Meanwhile, the regional director of Agro Rural from the Ministry of Agriculture, Eduardo Pineda, said that there were more than 180,000 hectares installed in Piura, but that the ones that were at a greater risk were in the coastal area because the production in the mountains was used to the rains.

Pineda estimated that 5…