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byBEN SHAPIRO14 Oct 2015

FACT CHECK: Clinton, Sanders Embellish In Debate

Electoral Cheating in Venezuela, One Deputy At A Time

by moctavio

All of what I will write in this post can be found elsewhere, but I thought it was important to show and save it into this database of abuses and rip-offs that have characterized Chavismo, as well as explain it in English. I am not trying to discourage people.

 I am just trying to show how Chavismo is moving all of its power to minimize the opposition's vote in December, without any ethics, morals and with blatant abandon.

To begin with, within the MUD, there used to be a party called MIN Unidad. 

In one of those strange moves, the Electoral Board, removed the Board of MIN Unidad, replacing them with others who claimed to be owners of that particular political country club. 

The MUD proceeded to suspend Min Unidad from the MUD, as it could not guarantee the "purity" and backing of the MUD by anyone named by the CNE.

Next thing you know, parties had to choose the location of their party on the upcoming ballot and MUD got to choose before MIN Undad. 

Where did MIN Uni…

Why Baja Norte Is Becoming a Culinary Hot Spot (And Exactly Where You Should Eat)

OCTOBER 14, 2015 11:37 AM

Illustration by Linnéa Teljas-Puranen

Tijuana may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of Mexico’s culinary boom, but the metropolis just 20 miles south of San Diego has quickly morphed into a gastronomic hot spot with white-tablecloth eateries, hipster food courts, and time-honored taquerias. The face of la revolución? Chef Javier Plascencia.

Hailing from a renowned food family—some say their legendary Caesar’s restaurant is the birthplace of the namesake salad—the Tijuana native attended culinary school in San Diego, and in 2006 opened Romesco Mexiterranean Bistro in San Diego’s Bonita neighborhood with his family. 

The menu has been a shining example of Baja Med cuisine, which fuses Mexican fare with ingredients reaped from the region’s Mediterranean-like climate.

But it wasn’t until 2011 when Plascencia debuted Misión 19 in Tijuana that the chef started to make waves as the poster boy for Baja Norte. 

The much-lauded fine dining…