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Family of sunken El Faro crew member files $100 million lawsuit

By: Reuters | Oct 14 2015 at 05:24 PM | Liner Shipping

The family of a crew member missing from the El Faro cargo ship is seeking $100 million in a negligence and wrongful death lawsuit against the owners and captain of the ship that sank off the Bahamas in a hurricane two weeks ago.

The lawsuit on behalf of the estate of Lonnie Jordan, one of the 33 crew members presumed dead, was filed on Wednesday in Jacksonville, against Tote Services Inc and Tote Maritime Puerto Rico, as well as the El Faro captain, according to court documents.

“Tote Services, negligently permitted the El Faro to sail out to sea despite being in an unseaworthy condition to handle the conditions of a violent storm,”the lawsuit states.

Attorney Willie E. Gary, flanked by relatives of other crew members, told reporters outside the Duval County courthouse, “the ship should have never left dock.”

Gary told Reuters he would be seeking the ship maintenance records and had heard that it was undergoing mechanical repairs the …


VIDEO: Manuel Rosales en las manos del Sebin

on octubre 15, 2015 8:41 pm .

Un video transmitido a través de la señal del canal del Estado muestra cómo fue la llegada del político, Manuel Rosales al Aeropuerto de La Carlota luego de que fuera detenido la tarde de este jueves en el Aeropuerto Internacional de La Chinita, estado Zulia.

En el clip se puede observar a Rosales sin esposas y con una actitud pacífica siendo trasladado por parte de funcionarios del Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional (Sebin) mientras descendía del avión en el que fue trasladado a Caracas.

Diego Scharifker ‏@diegoscharifker 


32 minutes ago


Camarógrafo de CNN detenido por el SEBIN y al fotógrafo de La Verdad le borraron todas la fotos. A Manuel le hacen una revisión médica

Un Nuevo Tiempo ‏@partidoUNT


19 minutes ago

Desviaron el vuelo hasta la pista más lejana. Están desembarcando un vuelo internacional por la puerta 21 del nacional

Un Nuevo Tiempo ‏@partidoUNT

20 minutes ago

El gobierno se llev…

Ticos Shipped Cocaine In Boxes of Yuca and Pineapple To The Italian Mafia in The U.S. and Europe

By Rico on 15 October 2015

The 'Exporting' companies had all their permits had to avoid suspicion. Four seizures between 2014 and 2015 alerted police on the link to the Italian mafia.

Police with evidence of the boxes used to hide the illegal drugs in shipments of yuca and pineapple. Photo Ministerio de Seguridad Publica

COSTARICA – Hidden in cases of cassava and pineapple, cocaine was smuggled from Costa Rica to the United and Europe, by a drug ring linked to the Italian mafia.

The Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ) on Wednesday, in nine simultaneous raids in Heredia (Santa Bárbara and Sarapiquí), Alajuela (Grecia and Pital) and Limón (Guápiles), was able to detain seven people, a Cuban, the alleged leader and six Costa Ricans.

Acording to Jorge Chavarria, Costa Rica’s Attorney General, the seven had links to N’dragheta mafia in Calabria, Italy.

The men were identified by their last names García (Cuban), Montero, Guzman, Velazco, Campos and two Zuniga.

Chavarria said the ille…


U.S. Officials confirmed Wednesday that Cuban Paramilitary and Special Forces are on the ground in Syria and have united with Russian Troops to fight against U.S. backed Syrian Rebels [a.k.a. ISIS Militants].

This unfolding lunacy is another example that proves America's Foreign Policy prior to Barack Obama was sound and just in imposing sanctions and enforcing embargos against Tyrannical governments.

Arrogant Obama accuses those who oppose his policies of being "On the wrong side of history". 

Well, now America and the world will pay a heavy price due to his foolish and radical Marxist agenda that is and has been "ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY".

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