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The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial) granted the designation of origin of this fruit to the government of Chiapas

The land where this Mango was found was owned by Mr. Manuel Rodriguez until 1948 when Mr. Ataulfo Morales (who worked as a jeweler) bought the property and mango trees were already there. 

Since 1950 mango trees began to attract the attention of people. 

In 1958 the agronomist Hector Cano Flores (the discoverer of Ataulfo Mango), Head of Sector extinct Mexican Coffee Institute, began to do research. 

The Engineer Cano made a clone of Mango Ataulfo called IMC-M2. Shortly later the whole plant material is transferred from INMECAFE (Spanish: Instituto Mexicano Del Cafe. English: Mexican Coffee Institute) to the National Commission of _________ and went from there spreading this Mango. 

Years later, the grown to be known as "Ataulfo", the name by which the Engineer Cano christened this Mango.[citation needed]


STRATFOR ANALYSIS : Mexico Braces for Hurricane Patricia


OCTOBER 23, 2015 | 20:17 GMT

When NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over Hurricane Patricia on Oct. 23 at 5:23 a.m. EDT it looked at the storm in infrared light and analyzed the temperatures and structure within the storm.(NRL/NASA/NOAA)


Hurricane Patricia poses a threat to trade, tourism and security on Mexico's west coast. Landfall is imminent for the hurricane, a Category 5 storm, which will hit the west coast of Mexico's Jalisco state and then head northward. Evacuations are underway along the coast, and Mexican authorities have declared a state of emergency for 56 municipalities in the storm's path in Colima, Nayarit and Jalisco states. The storm not only threatens life and property in its path, it also bears major economic consequences for Mexico and tangentially for the United States.


Hurricane Patricia is the strongest storm recorded by the National Hurricane Center, with maximum sustained winds of 200 mph and a minimum central pressu…

Produce Marketing Association teams with the Entertainment Resource & Marketing Association to bring fresh produce to the big and small screen around the world

October 23, 2015 02:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time ATLANTA--()--In support of the produce industry’s efforts to drive demand for more fresh produce, Produce Marketing Association today announced a strategic alliance with the Entertainment Resource & Marketing Association (ERMA) –the association of entertainment marketing professionals – to bring fresh produce center stage through television shows, movies and online entertainment. New partnership between @pma and erma puts #freshproduce center stage for entertainment! @pma #freshsummit Tweet this As part of the alliance, ERMA has agreed to advocate the use of fresh produce in entertainment production and track that use. PMA has agreed to assist ERMA to make generic, fresh produce available as those entertainment opportunities arise. Produce companies that may want to feature specific products or brands will still be able to use product placement companies to do so. ERMA members work on product placement. Part of the team w…

NASA Studying 2015 El Nino Event As Never Before

by Kasha Patel for GSFC News
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Oct 20, 2015

This visualization shows side by side comparisons of Pacific Ocean sea surface height (SSH) anomalies of what is presently happening in 2015 with the Pacific Ocean signal during the famous 1997 El Nino. These 1997 and 2015 El Nino animations were made from data collected by the TOPEX/Poseidon (1997) and the OSTM/Jason-2 (2015) satellites. Image courtesy NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Every two to seven years, an unusually warm pool of water - sometimes two to three degrees Celsius higher than normal - develops across the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean to create a natural short-term climate change event. This warm condition, known as El Nino, affects the local aquatic environment, but also spurs extreme weather patterns around the world, from flooding in California to droughts in Australia. This winter, the 2015-16 El Nino event will be better observed from space than any previous El Nino.

This year's El Nino is alread…

Amancio Ortega Briefly Passes Bill Gates To Become World's Richest Man

OCT 23, 2015 @ 11:27 AM

Dan Alexander


I write about the most successful people in the world.

MONACO – JUNE 26: Amancio Ortega Gaona attends the International Monte-Carlo Jumping at Port Hercule on June 26, 2014 in Monaco, Monaco. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Bill Gates briefly relinquished his title as the world’s richest man to Spanish retail giant Amancio Ortega Friday morning. 

Ortega’s net worth hit $80 billion as stock in his holding company Industria de Diseño Textil reached an all-time high of 33.99 Euros per share. 

Gates quickly reclaimed the top ranking after Ortega’s shares slipped slightly to 33.80 Euros as of 10:52 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. 

The two billionaires will likely swap the title of world’s richest man in the coming days, as shares of Inditex, Microsoft and their other holdings continue to bounce up and down.

Industria de Diseño Textil, or Inditex, is the parent company to brands Zara, Pull&Bear and Massimo Dutti. The $20 billion (sales) …

Patricia Becomes Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded; Catastrophic Landfall Expected in Mexico Friday

Oremos por la gente de las costas de Jalisco y Colima. Huracán Patricia. Este es el puente que divide Jalisco y Colima 🙏

Border between Colima & Jalisco States in Mexico...

Mexico's Pacific coast is in the crosshairs of Hurricane Patricia, which became the most powerful tropical cyclone ever measured in the Western Hemisphere on Friday morning as its maximum sustained winds reached an unprecedented 200 mph (320 kph).

The hurricane is forecast to make landfall in the Mexican state of Jalisco Friday evening as a catastrophic Category 5 hurricane capable of causing widespread destruction. Residents and authorities in Mexico are rushing to prepare for what will likely be the strongest hurricane to ever make landfall on that country's Pacific coastline.

(MORE: Mexico Prepares for Patricia)

At 4 a.m. CDT, the eye of Hurricane Patricia was about 145 miles (255 kilometers) southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico, and was moving north-northwest at 12 mph (19 kph).

In addition to its unprecedent…


IMO Executive Director Will Cavan recently visited MANGO PACK in Valle de Las Palmas, located in Baja California Norte. (From Left to Right) Will Cavan, Manuel Rivera and his wife.

Mango Pack is a joint venture with Alpine Marketing of Doral, Florida and is run by Manuel Rivera.

The Facility is one of the premiere suppliers of Fresh Cut Mangoes & Pineapples to the Western North American Market along with Exports to Europe and Japan.

Manuel Rivera has been in charge of the operation and has been running the plant since 2006 located in Valle de las Palmas, just south of Tecate Mexico approximately one hour east of the Otay Mesa (San Diego) Border crossing.

Mangoes are sourced year-round for Costco Fresh Cut program and the plant is currently processing non-hot-water treated KEITT mangoes from the Los Mochis area.

The Maquiladora program is part of a re-export value added protocol and is supervised by USDA personnel.

The facility currently processes 200,000 units per month or 2,400,000 cla…