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TECHNOLOGY : Mango quality in firing line with near-infrared scanning gun used to measure fruit quality

ABC Rural By Matt Brann

Updated about 2 hours ago

PHOTO: Dry matter testing gun (Matt Brann)

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More and more growers and mango businesses are turning to technology to make sure the quality of their fruit is spot on before sending them to market.

00:00 AUDIO: Boyd Arthur explains how to use a dry matter testing gun on mangoes (ABC Rural)

Boyd Arthur, from the Australian Mango Industry Association, demonstrated one of the tools on offer, known as a dry matter gun.

The gun is a hand-held device which uses near-infrared scanning to measure the dry matter and moisture content of fruit.

"We're using this gun to determine the maturity of fruit in a non-destructive manner and it can be done while the fruit is still on the tree,"Mr. Arthur said.

"The real aim of the game with this, is that after putting in all that hard work growing the fruit, the…