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AUSTRALIA : Queensland mango grower says restrictions on US importers will have long-term benefits

QLD Country Hour

Sarina Locke and Eliza Rogers

Posted about 8 hours ago

PHOTO: Jeff Bowditch, orchard manager of Euri Gold Farms near Bowen, inspects fruit a couple of months before harvest. (Eliza Rogers)

MAP: Bowen 4805

Australian mangoes are destined for more overseas markets with a plan to double export value by 2020, but there is criticism of constraints in the new United States market.
The Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) has placed restrictions on exporters, only allowing them to deal with two importers in the US.

00:00 AUDIO: North Queensland mango farmer discusses US trade restrictions (ABC Rural)

Brisbane-based fruit exporter Doug Hammond said it was harking back to 'single desk trading', but the AMIA rejected that claim.

The association's Robert Gray said growers and exporters had formed a group to manage fruit quality over quantity to the US over a three-year trial.

Bowen mango grower Dale Williams, a member of AMIA, said he understood both arguments, but bel…


While the FRESKA growth story is "Hard to Believe"...They are not the "Largest" Distributor of mangoes in North America... Probably in the TOP 5 according to IMO Data... Makes one wonder what else has been stretched in this profile...

How a ‘titan’ of mangoes put college first

November 9, 2015 — Alumni News, Features

Photo by Brian Stethem ’84

By Fred Alvarez

The youngest of eight children in a family that squeezed out a living by picking and packing Ventura County’s rich harvest, Jesus “Chuy” Loza ’93 worked harder every year and had fewer hours left over for study.

By age 15 he was on a summer picking crew for the sprawling Limoneira Ranch in Santa Paula, one of the nation’s largest growers of citrus and avocados.

As a sophomore at Santa Paula High School, he was putting in 20-plus hours a week in Limoneira’s accounting department, and soon after graduation, he was working full time in accounting and marketing, learning the basics of business administration on…