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You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

By Alister Cooke

Former MI-6 agent; Author, 'Resistance: The Essence of Islamic Revolution'

Posted: 08/27/2014 11:56 am EDT 

Updated: 10/27/2014 5:59 am EDT

BEIRUT -- The dramatic arrival of Da'ish (ISIS) on the stage of Iraq has shocked many in the West. Many have been perplexed -- and horrified -- by its violence and its evident magnetism for Sunni youth. But more than this, they find Saudi Arabia's ambivalence in the face of this manifestation both troubling and inexplicable, wondering, "Don't the Saudis understand that ISIS threatens them, too?"

It appears -- even now -- that Saudi Arabia's ruling elite is divided. Some applaud that ISIS is fighting Iranian Shiite "fire" with Sunni "fire"; that a new Sunni state is taking shape at the very heart of what they regard as a historical Sunni patrimony; and they are drawn by Da'ish's strict Salafist ideology.

Other Saudis are more fearful, and recall the history of the revolt again…

AUSTRALIA : Mango harvest overlaps, exports booming for Manbulloo

Mango harvest is happening in two states at once for grower and exporter Manbulloo, with Queensland in production since September 20, and the Northern Territory back underway following a break due to uneven flowering. “The early varieties are still going and for mangoes it’s definitely a long season,” says Marie Piccone, of Manbulloo.

 “We don’t expect to finish in Katherine, the Northern Territory essentially, until November 28. We’re going to finish two to three weeks later than we would have with an overlap of about four weeks for each state.”It’s peak production during a season where every harvest is ‘hard won and hard fought,” Ms Piccone says.

The double harvest was expected, though not as long as it looks like it will last according to Ms Piccone. 

Manbulloo has two pack houses in operation, one in each state, packing Kensington Pride and R2E2 mangoes. “We leave the R2E2 variety on the tree until they’re ripe, and ready to eat, and even though both our farms were hit by storms in t…

Mexico: Mango exports to USA could decrease by 300 million pesos due to bans by USDA

The mango and grapefruit export season is at risk because the Department of Agriculture (USDA) identified more than 190 lots of mango affected by larva that were sent in Tierra Caliente packaging during the 2015 export period, which began in February and concluded in June. 

On Tuesday, producers and politicians of the region were told about this situation at a meeting held in Nueva Italia in the state of Michoacan, Mexico.

However, mango producers from Apatzingan, Buenavista, and Paracuaro, the second municipality in the region with the highest mango production, were not present at that meeting. 

At the meeting, the representatives of the State Committee on Plant Health reported about the notice issued by the USDA, which spoke about the 192 batches of fruit with larvae detected and of the possible restrictions to this fruit during the coming season, which could also impact other products, such as grapefruit, of which the country exports more than 13,000 tons annually to Canada and Europe…

¡HOY ES EL AMANECER GAITERO! Serenatas a La Chinita hasta el alba del 18 (Video)


La edición de la quincuagésima Feria Internacional de La Chinita, celebrada en Maracaibo, estado Zulia, llega a su final este 17 y 18 de noviembre con el tradicional Amanecer Gaitero de la Plazoleta, en la Basílica de Chiquinquirá y los distintos amaneceres de feria como espectáculos musicales programados en distintos locales de la ciudad.

 Para este año, 2015, todo está listo de cara a la gran Serenata a la Virgen que comienza por la tarde del 17 de noviembre cuando la feligresía se congrega en torno a la Basílica para honrar a la Patrona de los Zulianos y ofrecer serenatas gaiteras vísperas del día 18 de noviembre que evoca la fecha memorable de su manifestación Mariana en aguas del Lago de Maracaibo.

A pesar que con la eucaristía del 18 de noviembre por la noche finalizan las fiestas como tal, no es sino hasta el 5 de diciembre con la subida de la Virgen a su nicho en el altar del Templo cuando finaliza oficialmente las fiestas en honor a la Santa…

MOST EFFICIENT PORTS RATED : South Korea Port Leads with Lowest Waiting Times

16 Nov 2015

Cargo Volumes and Throughput, Container Handling, Going Places, Port Planning, Ports, Security and Logistics, Shipping

Busan Port has been announced as having the shortest average waiting times while at anchorage, with Qingdao having the highest number of ships coming to berth among the top 10 container ports, according to the Journal of Commerce.

Busan’s leading position was calculated by analysing waiting times at anchorage for more than 4,700 calls during October, 2015.

Average waiting times increased at some of the top 10 ports, including Qingdao, and Shanghai’s main port.

Average waits were 19.5 hours at Kaohsiung, 15.3 hours at Shanghai and 15.2 hours at Qingdao.

Read a Technical Paper on Busan Port

The South Chinese ports Shekou, Mawan and Shantou received more vessel calls in October, 2015 than in September.

The ports’ average waiting times increased by up to five hours, with direct-to-berth rates decreased by up to 60%.

Port congestion is not perfectly reflected by average…

New joint venture agreement established for Jasper Ocean Terminal

Nov 16 2015 at 11:32 AM  

Ports & Terminals

SAVANNAH, GA - Today the Georgia and South Carolina Ports Authorities signed a new joint venture agreement that provides the necessary framework for the two states to work cooperatively toward the development of the Jasper Ocean Terminal (JOT), which will be jointly owned and operated by both port authorities.

“Whether we’re celebrating another business expansion or record-breaking year for exports, South Carolina’s economy is on the move thanks to a world-class ports system that drives our economic development engine,”
said South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

 “As South Carolina and Georgia renew this commitment to make the Jasper Ocean Terminal a reality, we have an incredible opportunity to strengthen our ports system - and that’s a great thing, not only for the people of Jasper County but for the entire state.”

“This agreement shows significant progress in our commitment to support economic development in our region,”said Georgia …

Korea opens doors to Peruvian mangoes

John Hey

Tuesday 17th November 2015, 08:52
Hong Kong

Peru makes another market access breakthrough, with South Korean authorities approving the Latin American nation’s mangoes

Chang-Hwa Oh (left), president of Korean importer Jinwon Trading, inspects Peruvian mangoes in Piura at the Fruitnet Peru-Asia Export Forum


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10Ecuador set for mango contraction

Peruvian mango exports to South Korea are set to get underway this season, after Korean authorities approved a phytosanitary protocol for the fruit today.

Peru’s Agriculture Minister Juan Manuel Benites confirmed the breakthrough had been achieved after three years of technical efforts from the count…