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The current leader! 

Will Bryce Menzies be able to hold on throughout the night? #Baja1000

The racers have been dealing with epic silt all day! Tonight could be even more challenging! ‪#‎BajaSilt‬‪#‎Baja1000‬

Mango Crop Report Alert from the National Mango Board

The Mango Crop Report from the National Mango Board has been updated. Click here to see the newest Mango Crop Report. Please note - after you click on the link, you may need to refresh the page to see the most current report.

Mango Market News

Mango volume shipped on week ending 11/14/15 was approximately 1,208,883 boxes.

During the same week last year, volume shipped was approximately 1,058,712 boxes.

Detailed variety information has been added to the NMB Crop Report. Click here to get the report.

Brazil Mango Crop Information

The Brazilian season began in August and will run until November.

Brazil's main varieties are Tommy Atkins (85%) and Palmer (15%).

Volume shipped on week ending 11/14/15

Volume shipped was approximately 127,512 boxes for a total of 7,589,736 boxes for the season.

During the same week last year, volume shipped from Brazil was approximately 16,632 boxes for a total of 5,316,696 boxes in 2014.

Average price on week ending 11/14/15

Tommy Atkins weekly average price per b…


Two members of National Mango Board from same company end their terms

Bill Vogel President of The Vision Companies and Ronnie Cohen Vice President / Partner of Vision Import Group have ended their run of involvement with the National Mango Board.

 Both had tenures as the Chairman of the Board and served as members after the appointment ended.

Bill Vogel was quoted as saying,  "Witnessing this diverse board rise to the acclaimed success that the industry proclaims has been a true joy. Good friends and great times made the work all that more rewarding. I think Ron and I contributed effectively to the continued and future success of NMB and the growth of positive consumer experience. Simply, we love the mango business.”

Ronnie Cohen said, "It is both sweet and sour that I ended 6 years of service on my 2 terms at the National Mango Board. The sweet side is that I have grown both personally and professionally and have met so many in our industry, while making many friends. The sou…