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Working fruit farm and cortijo for sale close to sea, Velez-Malaga

By Karl Smallman - PUBLISHED -
14 Dec, 2015 @ 21:18 LAST 
UPDATED: 14 Dec, 2015 @ 21:18

Working fruit farm and cortijo for sale close to sea, Velez-Malaga

AS far as purchases go they don’t get much sweeter.

A stunning Andalucian-style cortijo has just come onto the market with its very own profitable mango plantation around it.

This enviable fruit farm sits in a stunning location, just 10 minutes from the beach, and currently generates around €60,000 a year from its 2,000-plus mango trees.

Sitting on 18,000 m2 of land, there are an incredible 25 different fruit trees also in situ and the land is fully irrigated, with two wells.

The current owners are established members of the local co-operative, therefore the sale of all mangoes is guaranteed. There is also a local wholesale fruit market auction that takes place twice daily.

Perfect to run as a B&B, the four-bedroom cortijo counts on 250 metres square and already has a mod…

Origins and Strategy of the Islamic State

By George Friedman for Mauldin Economics

Al-Qaida struck the United States on September 11, 2001 in order to pave the way for the caliphate, a multinational Islamic state governed by a caliph. 

From Osama Bin Laden’s point of view, the Christian world—as he thought of Euro-American civilization—had made a shambles of the Muslim world. Most Muslim lands had been occupied or controlled by Christians.

 After World War I the British and French, in particular, had reshaped these lands to suit them. 

They invented new countries that had never existed before like Jordan, Lebanon, and (in their minds) Israel and installed rulers on others, such as the Saudis in the Arabian Peninsula.

After World War II, the United States inherited a world the British had largely created. Where the British were the architects of this world, the Americans became its maintenance men. 

Since the Americans were caught up in a Cold War with the Soviets, the Soviets sought to create pro-Soviets as well. A new wave of rule…

Has the mystery of Kuala Lumpur airport's "untraceable" jumbos been solved?

Plane, not simple

Dec 14th 2015, 15:55 BY B.R.

TO THE joy of newsites everywhere keen for something quirky to report over the Christmas period (mea culpa), last week Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) admitted that it could not trace the owners of three jumbo jets that had been parked on its tarmac for over a year. 

In a newspaper advert, the operators of the airport appealed for the owners of the “untraceable” 747s to come forward, otherwise it would sell them and use the proceeds to pay for the accrued parking charges and the like.

The mystery may have been solved. Swift Air Cargo, a Malaysian carrier, has claimed ownership of the aircraft. 

It says that the planes originally belonged to Flugvik, an Icelandic plane-leasing firm. 

They were leased to AirAtlanta Icelandic, which stopped flying them in 2010. 

At some point they were then de-registered, passed through various hands, including a Chinese carrier called Shaanxi Sunshine Cargo, and were eventually bought by Swift five years…

AUSTRALIA : Picking mangoes at night works for Northern Territory mango farm, despite bats and bugs

NT Country Hour By Daniel Fitzgerald

Updated about 9 hours ago

PHOTO: Mango pickers working at night at Piñata Farm's Mataranka orchard. (ABC Rural: Daniel Fitzgerald)

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MAP: Mataranka 0852

Picking fruit during the cooler temperatures of night is having benefits for a Northern Territory mango company, despite challenges with bats and bugs.

00:00 AUDIO: Lindsay Hewitt talks about picking mangoes at night(ABC Rural)

Piñata Farms has picked all its mangoes at night this season, after successful trials last year.

Mango production manager, Lindsay Hewitt spoke to ABC Rural at the company's Mataranka orchard as the 10:00pm to 7:00am picking shift began.

He said picking in the coole…