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December Climate Briefing: El Niño Impacts Still to Come

Posted by Elisabeth Gawthrop on December 23, 2015

Read our ENSO Essentials & Impacts pages for more about El Niño.

Tony Barnston provides an overview of the briefing

As of mid-December, sea-surface temperatures across the equatorial Pacific were stable or down slightly compared to late November (see first image in first gallery). Tony Barnston, IRI’s chief climate forecaster, said the peak strength with respect to this metric of the El Niño event may have passed. There is still a chance for another resurgence, he said, but not if current trends continue.

Regardless of the timing of the strongest sea surface temperatures, many areas will still see impacts of El Niño for the next several months. 

Given the current strength of the event, slight weakening is not likely to significantly diminish the atmospheric processes that influence climate around the world.

 Convection (i.e. rain storms) along the equator in the central Pacific is the major contributor to these processes and has been inc…

Wage Theft at the Ports: $6.9 million awarded to 38 striking truck drivers

By: AJOT | Dec 23 2015 at 09:11 AM | Intermodal

As misclassified “independent contractors” at Uber, Fed Ex, and port trucking companies across America demand their rights as employees and an end to pervasive wage theft…

CA Labor Commissioner Rules on Landmark Misclassification & Wage Theft Case; Orders $6.9 Million in Stolen Wages Paid to 38 Misclassified Truck Drivers at Leading Port Trucking Company

Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA – On Dec. 14, 2105, the California Labor Commissioner determined that 38 drivers at leading port trucking company Pacific 9 Transportation, which hauls containers from the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach for some of America’s premiere brands – including Costco, Goodyear Tires, Ugg Boots, and Microsoft – are in fact employees, not independent contractors, and ordered Pac 9 to pay them nearly $6.9 million in stolen wages.

 The landmark ruling marks the first time that the Labor Commissioner has scheduled back-to-back hearings for individual wage…

WHAT LEADERS ARE READING : This year’s most popular articles from McKinsey Quarterly

AT #1: The essentials of successful leadership

Top 10 from the Quarterly | 2015

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New research suggests that the secret to developing effective leaders is to encourage four types of behavior. more

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3. The dawn of marketing’s new golden age
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4. Disrupting beliefs: A new approach to business-model innovation
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AUSTRALIA : One of longest ever mango seasons finishes in the Northern Territory

Llos bandidos que han saqueado a Venezuela

DolarToday ‏@DolarToday 
9h9 hours ago

Aqui los bandidos que han saqueado a Venezuela y ahora nos quieren arrebatar la Asamblea Nacional

NTN24 Venezuela ‏@NTN24ve
3h3 hours ago

Exmagistrados denunciaron a Nicolás Maduro y Diosdado Cabello por "rebelión civil"