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PERU JUMPS THE GUN : Mango volumes surge

By Andy Nelson

December 29, 2015 | 10:48 am EST

An early start in Peru and continued big volumes from Ecuador pushed mango volumes up in December, and fruit should be promotable through January.

Peruvian volumes typically begin arriving in the U.S. for Central American Produce Inc., Pompano Beach, Fla., about the week of Dec. 28, said Sabine Henry, tropical manager.

This year, they began coming about three weeks earlier.

“There’s a lot of supply on big fruit,”Henry said December 28, 2015.

Ecuadorian volumes peaked through the week of Dec. 21 before tapering off, Henry said, and by mid-January Peru would have the deal mostly to itself.

Until then, Henry expects a good mix of sizes. But when Peru takes over for good, Central American expects 9s and larger to make up 80% of all shipments.

Volumes out of Peru surged as expected in late December, but Ecuadorian shipments didn’t decline as much as anticipated, said Greg Golden, partner and sales manager for Mullica Hill, N.J.-based Amazon Produce N…

5 things you probably didn't know about Mango's Orlando

Posted By Ken Storey on Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at 6:23 am

Photos by Ken Storey

I-Drive’s newest late night entertainment recently opened, but Mango’s is much more than a restaurant with a dinner show. Here are some of the lesser known things about Mango’s.

Mango’s has its own vodka, Pitbull loves it
In partnership with Mango’s fan Pitbull, the restaurant has its own vodka. Voli Vodkas, the privately held vodka company that Pitbull is a shareholder and ambassador for, partnered with Mango’s to unveil a special Mango’s branded mango and coconut flavored vodka. The vodka is used in a number of Mango’s drinks and bottles are available for purchase at both locations. The vodka was made in part to celebrate Mango’s huge new Orlando location.

The original Mango’s started as a personal care residence

What we now know as Mango’s started out at the Eastern Sun Personal Care Residence. This new age style retirement home opened in 1978. For the next 12 years artists, musicians and healers called the plac…

AUSTRALIA : Hundreds evacuated in Northern Territory floods, reports of crocodiles

7:00 AM Tuesday Dec 29, 2015


The Daly River Mango Farm near Darwin is flooded after recent extreme weather. Photo / Facebook

Floods in Australia's Northern Territory have forced hundreds to evacuate, closed roads and there are reports of crocodiles moving into the towns.

One woman is so far reported as dead and one man still missing in floodwaters, and 500 people from the community of Daly River have been evacuated to Darwin, with 390 currently being housed at the showgrounds.

Residents of the remote Nauiyu community reported saltwater crocodiles had made their way into town in the floodwaters. The crocodiles were seen on the local football field and the NT News reported one had been seen taking two dogs.

The Daly River is still above major flood levels at 14.68m, and is expected to remain so for several more days.

The water at Dorisvale Crossing near Pine Creek has reached 23.3m, which Commissioner Kershaw said was expected to drop over coming days - which may alleviate…

Record El Nino, climate change drive extreme


By Marlowe HOOD

Paris (AFP) Dec 28, 2015

Deadly extreme weather on at least five continents is driven in large part by a record-breaking El Nino, but climate change is a likely booster too, experts said Monday.

The 2015-16 El Nino, they added, is the strongest ever measured.

"It is probably the most powerful in the last 100 years,"said Jerome Lecou, a climate expert at the French weather service Meteo France, noting that accurate measurements have only existed since the mid-20th century.

Flooding and mudslides unleashed by torrential rains have killed at least 10 people and driven more than 150,000 from their homes in Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay in recent days.

In central and southwestern United States -- where temperatures in Texas are forecast to drop from a balmy 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit) Saturday to zero (32 F) on Monday -- clashing weather fronts have given rise to snow-packed blizzards, freezing rain and a spate of tornadoes that have claimed at l…