Early end of Peruvian mangoes : Possible gap in mango supply in EURO MARKET

The Peruvian mango season has progressed uninhibited despite fears of big rains which were and still are forecast due to the El Nino.

"Everybody is continuing as normal,"
explains Rob Cullum from UK importer Pacific Produce. 

"They are ignoring the clouds on the horizon and making the best of the present situation. If it rains we can't do anything about it anyway. If it happens it happens."

The biggest growing region of Peru in the north is nearly finished, then Motupe will start and lastly Casma, right now everything is running early. 

"San Lorenzo valley started early and so will stop early, Motupe is starting earlier, but this does not necessarily mean that it will stop earlier it is just too soon to say just now. But that said it is more than likely that each region will start early and finish early,"  said Cullum.

The early end to the Peruvian mango season may cause difficulties for the markets, normally it would run into the West African supply but if Peru stops early there may be a gap in the supply.

Up until now the volumes have been as expected and if the rain stays away it looks like it will be a pretty normal season for volumes. The big volumes will be dropping off now as Piura comes to an end, but this is totally normal.

"The market has been very tough in Europe because Brazil went on a little bit longer than people wanted, the internal quality from Brazil was also not so good this year. This influences demand for mangoes in general, firstly the open market is full of rejects and secondly if a consumer buys one that is not good on the inside, the next week they won't buy another mango but go for another kind of fruit,"  according to Cullum.

So far quality from Peru has been good so this should increase consumption again.

"We started with a big stock of fruit due to the early start, but next week when the fruit from Piura finishes the supply should drop to all markets, USA shipments keep going at full volume until Mexico starts so with each region starting early the North American markets will have more influence on the total volume than normal,”
concludes Cullum.

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Publication date: 1/14/2016
Author: Nichola Watson
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