INDIA 2016 : Experts offer tips to fight withering of mango flowers

Published : 20 Mar 2016, 20:51:29

RAJSHAHI, Mar 20 (BSS): Proper and sustainable management has become an urgent need for saving mango flowers and fruits from premature withering as the gardeners and businessmen suffer a lot due to this problem. 

Scientists and researchers concerned viewed that premature withering of flowers and fruits is a nightmare for the gardeners and they can check the problem to some extent by following some prescribed guidelines properly. 

To address the problem, the field-level agriculture extension and research officials, farmers and other concerned should work together and promote modern technologies in this connection. 

"We are working intensively for sustainable management of mango flowers and fruits," said Dr Alim Uddin, Principal Scientific Officer at the Fruit Research Station (FRS) in Rajshahi. 

The Horticulture Research Centre (HRC) under the Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) has been implementing a project with financial support from Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF) since last year. 

Under the scheme, field-level agricultural extension officials and farmers are being brought under proper training and motivation on how they can address the problem. 

Dr Modan Gopal Saha, Chief Scientific Officer and Head of HRC, said withering of flowers and fruits on such plants can be attributed to many causes, both physical and pathological. 

Sudden changes in temperature or humidity, poor nutrition management, hormonal imbalance, improper soil moisture are the physiological causes and fungal infections lead to pathological fruit withering. 

The incidence of pest attack is another cause, he mentioned. 

Dr Modan Mohan said mango trees stay in the best condition in warm climate such as those found in subtropical and tropical locations. 

However, an established mango tree generally can survive temperature at about 25 degrees Fahrenheit for a few hours. 

The best way to prevent fruit withering caused by high temperature is to plant mangoes in the area where the suitable weather prevails. If the mango tree is not getting the right amount of water, it can see withering of fruits prematurely. 

Dr Alim Uddin opined that improper fertilisation can cause the mangoes to drop prematurely and reduce the quantity of production. Mangoes require nitrogen fertilizer used on fruit trees to enhance healthy and ample growth.