Korea will resolve Indian mango import issue

Cho Hyun, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea plans to resolve the mango import issue with India during the negotiations on the upgrading of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA).

“All else can wait but not Indian mangoes,”
said the South Korean envoy. 

“The national fruit of India, mango, how much I enjoy that, are not imported into Korea after attempts some seven years ago,” said Mr. Hyun, speaking at the Observer Research Foundation on Tuesday 26 April.

“I am going to resolve this issue at the time of the negotiations for upgrading CEPA,”
he said.

Terming the CEPA between the two countries “not a solid ground for take-off”,  Mr. Hyun said that the countries were going to launch negotiations for upgrading it in June.

Source: thehindu.com

Publication date: 4/27/2016