Mexico 2016 : Mango production in Cuicatlan OAXACA falls by 50%

Mango producers of Cuicatlan are really concerned because they won’t be able to supply the Jumex international company this year due to the decrease in the harvest.

Climate change, which brought rains and atypical winds caused the decline in production. According to producers, there was a run of strong winds and a hail storm in late March that mainly affected some areas like the Rinconada and the Sabana.

These weather events damaged the young fruits and many trees lost their flowers, so there won’t be a harvest in the coming months.

Nearly 2,000 hectares of land have lush trees that bloom year after year and that support hundreds of families. A box of manila mango, the most expensive mango because of its taste and texture, cost 150 pesos until last weekend.

Regarding this topic, Efrain Añas Alvarez, the head of the office of the Municipal Palace of San Juan Bautista Cuicatlán, said that, unlike 2015, this year they would only achieve 50 percent of the production.

Añas Alavez said that they wouldn’t be making any sales to the Jumex juice company because of this year’s low production, caused by the losses they suffered in their harvest.

"Of course we are concerned because this is one of the largest buyers in the market. Producers are used to selling their boxes to this company,"
said Añas Alavez. April and May are the most important months of the harvest; however, the current harvest is very small.

'Production might come to an end in May, it won’t last much more. In June we’ll have other pieces of manila mango,"
he predicted.


Publication date: 4/27/2016