EURO MARKET : Mango market stabilising again

“Demand and prices for airplane mangoes high”

Trade in mangoes has been very good in recent weeks. The current market situation is different compared to a month earlier when the market was still ‘screaming’ for this tropical fruit. The supply of seaborne cargo has increased again up until now. 

“Because the volumes of boat mangoes will be sufficient for now, the market will stabilise in coming weeks,” says Ive Lambert of Starfruit.

Airplane peak

Lambert indicates that demand for boat mangoes is slightly less right now, and that prices have dropped. 

“Demand for airplane mangoes, on the other hand, is very high. Currently, there is limited supply and prices have increased sharply. The smaller supply is because Ivory Coast has left the market, and just a few boats are underway, but no air cargo. I expect this will continue peaking for at least two more weeks. We already received some Mexican mangoes, but most importers will only start these in a few weeks.”

Senegal is late

In terms of origins Starfruit receives the final seaborne cargo from Ivory Coast.
“We are now also getting supply from Mali and after that Senegal will arrive. Senegal is weeks later than it was last year. I expect them to arrive at the end of July, or even the beginning of August. It is possible that Senegalese cultivators decide to start picking earlier, because there will probably be shortages again by then. Mali is not the best mango country, and there will definitely be demand. Senegal has to be careful not to start picking too soon, because that will not result in the best possible quality. A few days longer on the trees can sometimes do wonders,Lambert concludes.

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Publication date: 5/23/2016