JAPAN 2016 : Ritz-Carlton Osaka to offer Mango Buffet at Italian restaurant



MAY. 10, 2016 - 06:12AM JST 



The Ritz-Carlton Osaka, will offer the Mango Buffet at Italian restaurant Splendido (first floor) from Monday, May 16 until Sunday, July 31. As a continuation of the extremely well-received Strawberry Buffet this spring, there is much to anticipate from top chef Oriana Tirabassi’s latest buffet masterpiece.


 Indulge in over 50 items filled lavishly with luscious, sweet mango at The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka Mango Buffet.

◆ The line-up— over 50 delectable mango treats

In addition to mango desserts, partake in unique light snacks overflowing with mango goodness — over 50 luxurious items. Mango pancakes concocted from Silky fowl eggs and served with mascarpone cream, mango il Bigne choux pastries filled to the brim with mango cream, lime, and papaya, mango caramel macaroons, squid ink mango mint risotto topped with squid sashimi. A smorgasbord of tantalizing mango delights awaits you.

In addition, Japanese-Italian fusion dishes concocted by top chef Oriana are not to be missed.

 Other scintillating items include marinated salmon rice rolls wrapped in shiso for a glutinous taste sensation, mango panna cotta with red bean paste and kinako flour, and mango watermelon and feta bruschetta.

◆ Miyazaki mango coconut rice, one dish per person limit

Chef Oriana’s special recommendation! Slices of Miyazaki Mango and coconut rice adorned with Miyazaki mango purée and coconut milk cream. One serving per person is offered to guests at the table.


Sample menu

Mango tiramisu, mango Ritz-Carlton cake, mango cheese cake, mango chiffon cake, mango and cherry tartlets, mango scones, mango financier, mango macaroons, mango daifuku, mango pancakes, mango panna cotta, mango crepes, mango coconut rice pudding, mango gratin, mango pie, mango soy milk Bavarian cream, banana and mango fritters, and more.

* Light Snacks

Marinated salmon rice rolls wrapped in shiso, mango watermelon and feta bruschetta, mango tarts with summer vegetables, mango calzones, squid ink mango mint rissoto, and more.

The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka Mango Buffet
Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka Italian restaurant Splendido (first floor)


Date: May 16 (Mon) - July 31 (Sun) daily 14:30 to 18:00 (90-minute limit)


Price: Adults: 5,500 yen; Children: (elementary school age 6 to 12): 2,750 yen (including taxes and excluding service charges).

Reservations: Call 06-6343-7020 (restaurant reservations)

External Link: https://www.ritz-carlton.co.jp/