MEXICO Mango supply affected by hectic pricing

Higueral Produce sources its mangos solely from Mexico. 

Their Nayarit supply has been slow in producing and shipping mangos, so the company is looking forward to the new crops from Los Mochis in northern Sinaloa. 

They should begin receiving fresh mangos for the week of June 27 through July 1, which should enable them to receive a more steady supply of the fruit so they can satisfy customer orders. 

Higueral Produce will continue ordering its mangos from its Nayarit source as well.

Carlos Villa of Higueral Produce says that their competitors also source their mangos from the same regions in Mexico – Nayarit, Esquinapa in the northern part of Sinaloa and Los Mochis in the northern part – which are their main producers in this period of time. 

In addition to these two growing areas, the company uses locations in Oaxaca, Jalisco, Nayarit, and Sinaloa. While they have sourced mangos from Chiapas in the past, the company is not doing so at this time.

Villa characterized current pricing as hectic.

“Prices are all over the place,”
he explained.

 “Last week, the price may have been $3.50 per fruit, but this week, the price might be $4.50 per fruit.” 

In addition, if problems develop with the crop, the market collapses.

Higueral Produce anticipates that its supply of mangos will go up, especially now that the Kent variety will be ready for sale. 

The main markets from which the company sees demand developing are the West Coast and East Coast of the U.S., according to Villa.

Currently, the biggest challenge that Higueral faces is the supply of mangos it needs. 

Until the Los Mochis mangos begin to arrive in its warehouse, supply isn’t as steady as the company would like to see. 

In addition, the company isn’t seeing the prices it needs to see, with the current volatility affecting what it pays.

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Higueral Produce
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Publication date: 6/24/2016
Author: Marieke Hemmes