ODDITY IN AUSTRALIA : Markets shocked by early arrival of green mangoes from the Northern Territory

ABC Rural By Matt Brann

Posted yesterday at 7:32pm

Green mangoes from the Northern Territory have arrived in the Sydney markets this week, surprising many at how early they are.

Wholesaler Vinh Nguyen said Asian restaurants had been quick to pounce, buying the unripe and sour fruits for pickling and green mango salads.

00:00 AUDIO: Vinh Nguyen says green mangoes have started arriving in the Sydney markets (ABC Rural)

He said the relatively high price was not affecting demand.

"Oh man, it's been absolutely crazy," he said.

"Everybody wants them, but no one can get them. We've had to ration them out very carefully to not start a major demand for them."

Mr Nguyen said quality green mangoes were selling for around $15 to $20 a kilogram.

He said last year green mangoes from the Northern Territory didn't arrive until late July.

The green mangoes are normally unripe Asian varieties of mango such as Nam Doc Mai.

As reported by ABC Rural this week, only 20 to 25 per cent of mango trees in Darwin's rural area have flowered so far this year, due to the warmer than average nights.

The Northern Territory's main mango season is not expected to start until late August, with the bulk of the fruit expected in October depending on weather.