PAKISTAN 2016 : 'Over 1.7 million tonnes of mango crop likely this year'

Major Muhammad Tariq Khan (Retd), Vice President of MCCI and President of Progressive Mango Growers Multan (PMGM), said on Monday that as many as 1.7 million tonnes of mango crop likely this year, which is almost 90 percent of the total capacity. 

While talking to media Tariq Khan said that the government should now take effective measures to increase mango export and a substantial foreign exchange can be earned for the country.

He said that the climatic hazards of the previous years have already caused a 40 percent decline in the domestic production of mango crop. However, after seeing the reduced exports in last three years, some growers and exporters are very optimistic to achieve their export target of 100,000 tonnes of mangoes this year. 

Tariq Khan called for an effective communication between growers, exporters and the government. 

He further said that only 64,000 tonnes mangoes were exported in 2015 against the 120,000 tonnes export in 2013.

He remarked that this was the
"lowest export" in the last five years and noted that it was the responsibility of both government and exporters to create a vibrant and comprehensive policy to ensure higher exports in the coming years. 

He also advised mango growers to maintain the quality of the fruit so that they can get adequate prices in both national and international markets. 

The exporters should, however, also try to tap new markets such as China, Russia, Iran, Belarus and Middle East countries, in addition to catering to the traditional markets. "We need to focus on research and development for improving quality of fruit as per demand in international markets," he said.

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