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CAN USA MARKET PAY TOP DOLLAR ???: Exports of Australian mangoes to America growing rapidly


With a strong local local market at home, why would the Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) promote exports to USA ???

ABC Rural By Matt Brann

Updated yesterday at 9:08pm

PHOTO: L-R: Michael Daysh inspecting Australian mangoes with Ben Reilly from US importer, Giumarra (Michael Daysh)

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MAP: Darwin 0800

America is looming as a major customer for Australian mangoes and is expected to import up to 200 tonnes this season, compared to just 5 tonnes last year.

The first trays for 2016 are due to land in Los Angeles next week, and there to supervise their arrival will be Michael Daysh, a market development officer with the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry.

00:00 AUDIO: Michael Daysh explains his job of inspecting mangoes as they arrive in America (ABC Rura…

Organized Crime in the Americas: What to Expect in 2016

Written by Jeremy McDermott and Steven Dudley 

Friday, 01 January 2016

Colombia Mexico El Salvador Guatemala Sinaloa Cartel MS13 Honduras Venezuela CIACS Jalisco Cartel Elites and Organized Crime

Political conflict in Venezuela will distract attention from organized crime in 2016

At the end of each year, InSight Crime gazes into the crystal ball and seeks to make predictions on where organized crime is going to find particularly fertile ground in the coming year or where criminal dynamics are set to change. 

We often use the year past as a guide. In 2015, corruption and crime at the highest levels have led to unprecedented judicial action in various countries. But the underworld remains adept at undermining prosecutors. 

What's more, the end of old conflicts -- as well as the unraveling of a truce -- will open new possibilities for transnational organized crime (TOC). (See 2015 Game Changers below)

For 2016, we have listed seven nations where we expect changes to the criminal status quo,…

AUSTRALIA : Top End farmer needs help naming new mango variety

ABC Rural

Peta Doherty

Posted yesterday at 12:43pm

PHOTO: Mango grower Leo Skliros is searching for a name for his new fruit. (Supplied: Leo Skliros )

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MAP: Darwin 0800

A Top End mango grower has developed a new variety and is looking for some help naming it.

In his orchard south of Darwin, Leo Skliros has previously bred the Malibu, which was a mango with a slight coconut flavour.

00:00 AUDIO: Darwin mango grower Leo Skliros says his new fruit is farmer friendly (ABC Rural)

He said his latest specimen also had"fragrant flavours" by chance.

"It's not really what we were trying to design but what we received," he said.

"It's one that just came up by itself and we liked the look of it and the taste of it, and so we are…

2016 Restaurant Trends to Devour

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

To help diners get excited about the 2016 trends predicted across the restaurant, the nation’s largest dining deals site, is serving up seven trends to taste in 2016.

The dining deal pioneer explored 2016 menu ideas and observations from chefs, restaurants and industry insiders across the country, then asked its own team of dining experts to pinpoint the top seven trends that everyday diners will happily devour. focused on availability for diners across the country to determine trends that are accessible at casual and fine dining restaurants alike.

The 2016 Food Trend Predictions: 

1. Fast, Casual and Delicious

In 2016, diners can look for casual restaurants with mouthwatering food that’s quick to serve and not too expensive. On the wheels of food truck phenomenon and made-to-order restaurants like Chipotle®, time-starved diners are demanding higher quality for abbreviated lunches and quick dinners…and the …