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ENERO 12, 2016 5:45 PM

Demolerán la antigua casa de Pablo Escobar en Miami

El narco colombiano compró la mansión en 1980

Habría funcionado como puerto de desembarque de drogas

Los dueños actuales piensan construir una casa más moderna

La antigua mansión del narco colombiano Pablo Escobar en Miami Beach vista el martes 12 de enero del 2016. La casa estuvo abandonada por años luego de un incendio que calcinó parte de la propiedad. 



Con detectores de metales, magnetómetros, sierras eléctricas, y otras herramientas de búsqueda, tres “cazatesoros” profesionales inspecionaban minuciosamente el martes una mansión abandonada de Miami Beach.

No buscaban en los terrenos con vista al mar antiguas monedas de plata, ni barras de oro de algún galeón español hundido en la Bahía de Biscayne. El botín soñado serían fajos de dólares; en el peor de los…

AUSTRALIA : Manbulloo Mangoes set for greater seasonal production

Strong demand from existing customers and new partners in the US has led Australian mango company Manbulloo to expand its crops and production.

The company is already the largest producer of Kensington Pride mangoes in Australia, and also grows R2E2 and Keitt varieties, with recent expansions helping to meet demand around the world.

“We now have about 650 hectares of mangoes between Queensland and the Northern Territory, and we’re just about to start supplying from our newer farm in the Atherton Tablelands,”Manbulloo Mangoes Managing Director Marie Piccone says.

She notes that Keitt mangoes, in particular, will help lengthen their supply season, as the variety tends to ripen later.

“Keitt mangoes ripen later than most, and we won’t start harvesting them til mid to late January,”
she says.

“It means that now we can supply [our main domestic partner] Coles and export from late September till February.”

Manbulloo Mangoes was also one of the first growers in Australia to have mangoes shipped to …


How the Powerball rules were tweaked to make the game an even bigger ripoff

Dream on. (Gene J. Puskar / Associated Press)

Michael HiltzikContact Reporter

The Economy Hub

Powerball fever has gripped the country, as one might expect with a jackpot of nearly $1.4 billion at stake in Wednesday's drawing.

Newspapers, online sites, and TV broadcasts are brimming with reports of massive sales and hopeful players -- The Times website,, has run 18 posts about the lottery just since Jan. 10, when the last drawing failed to produce a winner and drove the jackpot to this record level. Powerball officials in the 44 states that participate in the game are quoted expressing astonishment at the size of the jackpot and the nationwide frenzy it has induced.

The rules change is intended to increase the odds of winning any prize, while making it more difficult to win the jackpot prize.- New York Gaming Commission, explaining how they produced a billion-dollar Powerball jackpot

That last bit is t…

Growing demand for South African mangoes Middle and Far East

Derek Donkin of the South African Subtropical Growers Association says that there is a strong demand for mangoes from the fresh and processing (achar, dried and juice) sectors, South African mango export currently accounting for around 3% of the total annual crop of ±75,000 metric tonnes.

Donkin says,“Over the past few years, we have seen growing demand for South African mangoes in the Middle East and Far East. Last season, approximately 53% of fresh exports were consumed in the EU, either as fresh mango or “fresh cut” mango. The Middle East accounted for 31% of exports and the Far East, 16%.” 

South Africa is still trying to get access to export mangoes to the USA, China, India, Thailand and Vietnam. 

“The weak SA Rand will have a positive effect on returns to growers, however shipping costs are US Dollar based, which offsets, to some extent, the advantage of a weak currency. A weakening currency also means that the prices of many agricultural inputs will go up, which will increase pro…

UK tipped as potential growth market for Ecuadorian mangoes

by Gill McShane
12 January 2016

Ecuador's Kent mango volume could "easily triple" over the next five years

Bernardo Malo

Ecuadorian mangoes have been present on the UK market for over a decade. But clear consumer preference for the fibreless Kent mango – not the main variety produced in the South American country – has kept a lid on exports. Until now. 

Produce Business UK interviews Bernardo Malo, who heads up the Ecuadorian Mango Foundation (Fundación Mango del Ecuador), to discover why the trade is set to become increasingly relevant for UK buyers

“Volumes to the UK have been relatively low as a consequence of logistic limitations (a lack seafreight space), together with the climate and the fact that Kent is not the main [mango] variety grown in Ecuador,”begins Malo. 

“But the UK is certainly a potential growth market for Ecuador.

“Not so long ago most UK importers saw Ecuadorian mangoes as an option only during those seasons when Brazil and Peru were either short or late wit…

VENEZUELA EN CAOS : Nicolás Maduro va a la AN el viernes

Sugey Díaz / Maracaibo /

“Estamos esperando al presidente Maduro este viernes en la AN. Lo recibiremos con serenidad y respeto”,
aseguró Henry Ramos Allup, presidente de la AN, desde el Palacio Federal Legislativo

Foto: AVN

El viernes será el primer encuentro entre el presidente Nicolás Maduro y la nueva Asamblea Nacional, que tras 17 años la oposición es mayoría. Los diputados del Parlamento esperan en sus curules el cumplimiento del artículo 237 de la Constitución, donde se ordena que en el transcurso de los 10 días siguientes a la instalación de las sesiones ordinarias de la AN, el presidente de la República presente personalmente su informe anual de gestión.

“Estamos esperando al presidente Maduro este viernes en la AN. Lo recibiremos con serenidad y respeto”,aseguró Henry Ramos Allup, presidente de la AN, desde el Palacio Federal Legislativo.

Allup conversó con el vicepresidente Aristóbulo Iztúriz para finiquitar los detalles de la sesión extraordinaria. 

En la AN“est…