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PERU RUSHES TO MARKET : Peru enters mango peak season

This time of the year, mangos available in US stores are imported from Peru and Ecuador. Both countries are shipping higher volumes than projected due to favorable weather conditions.

 “The expected rainfall for December didn’t occur and as a result, volumes will continue to stay strong through January,” says Angela Serna with the National Mango Board.

Kent and Tommy Atkins

“As we speak, Peru is entering its peak shipping season and high volumes of Kent and Tommy Atkins mangos are expected to enter the US from mid-January until the end of the month,” mentioned Serna. 

The country’s peak season started two to three weeks early due to the warm weather. 
“Ecuador will ramp up its volumes in the next few weeks and will possibly end the season with slight higher volumes compared to last year.”

 Ecuador’s main mango varieties are Tommy Atkins followed by some Ataulfos & Kent.

Photo credit: Jody Horton

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