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Early end of Peruvian mangoes : Possible gap in mango supply in EURO MARKET

The Peruvian mango season has progressed uninhibited despite fears of big rains which were and still are forecast due to the El Nino.

"Everybody is continuing as normal,"
explains Rob Cullum from UK importer Pacific Produce. 

"They are ignoring the clouds on the horizon and making the best of the present situation. If it rains we can't do anything about it anyway. If it happens it happens."

The biggest growing region of Peru in the north is nearly finished, then Motupe will start and lastly Casma, right now everything is running early. 

"San Lorenzo valley started early and so will stop early, Motupe is starting earlier, but this does not necessarily mean that it will stop earlier it is just too soon to say just now. But that said it is more than likely that each region will start early and finish early,"saidCullum.

The early end to the Peruvian mango season may cause difficulties for the markets, normally it would run into the West African supply but if Pe…

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ??? : Early end to Peruvian mangos

The Peruvian mango season began in November. Claire Joosten, Asica Natural, gives us an update on how this 2015/2016 campaign is going so far. Asica Natural is a fresh produce exporter from Peru, exporting for example mangos, avocados, ginger and quinoa. 

Claire begins with an uncertain start to the mango season, because of the El Niño that was taking place.

“So far up to this week there is no harsh El Niño like everyone was expecting in Peru, but with all the incidents going on in Ecuador and some other areas in South America this should not be a reason to forget about it. With this being said, this was a factor for many shippers and producers in the Peruvian mango season to start harvesting sooner than was expected and hence we see mangos from Peru in the earlier stage. 

Source: APEM (Asociación de Exportadores y Productores de Mango) en Peru.

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Is the season going as expected?


“APEM does a great job with their forecast in Peru in which if you see the …