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Mango Crop Report Alert from the National Mango Board

Mango Market News

Mango volume shipped on week ending 1/16/16 was approximately 1,842,014 boxes.
During the same week last year, volume shipped was approximately 1,519,406 boxes.

Ecuador Mango Crop Information

The Ecuadorian season began in October and will run until January.
Ecuador's main varieties are Tommy Atkins (65%), Kent (18%), and Ataulfo (15%).
Volume shipped on week ending 1/16/16

Volume shipped from Ecuador was approximately 199,584 boxes for a total of10,607,196 boxes for the season.
During the same week last year, volume shipped from Ecuador was approximately 181,696 boxes for a total of 9,145,842 boxes in 2015.

Average price on week ending 1/16/16

Tommy Atkins weekly average price per box at the Philadelphia entry port was $5.72 which decreased 2% from previous week ending 1/9/16.

During the same week in 2015, Tommy Atkins weekly average price was $9.44.

Tommy Atkins weekly average price per box at the South Florida entry port was $5.17 which increased 2% from previous week…

U.S. reaffirms confidence in Peruvian mango production

Photo: AND

14:10 Lima, Jan. 20. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service—APHIS, agency of the United States Department of Agriculture, started its annual review of the certification process it conducts to Mango croplands and packaging plants in Piura, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation—Minagri informed.

Certification is completed by the National Service for Agricultural Sanitation (Senasa).

APHIS mission is led by South America’s Regional Director Robert S. Johnson, who will hold technical meetings with Senasa between January 19 and 23.

U.S. experts will supervise activities in cultivated fields and packaging plants, in compliance with the Work Plan for the Peruvian Mangoes Treatment and Preclearance Program, signed by Senasa, APHIS, Minagri and Apem in 2010.

“Senasa specialists and professionals will guide APHIS counterparts while touring Agromar, Sunshine, Agro Industrial del Pacifico, BioFrut, Agropacking and Koricancha facilities, certified companies located in Piura, Norther…

Nouriel Roubini: Global Economy Not Back to 2008

3:16 AM PST
January 22, 2016

Nouriel Roubini, NYU professor and chairman at Roubini Global Economics, explains why the global economy isn’t facing the same conditions as 2008, and discusses expectations for the Federal Reserve's rate hike path and how QE is working in Europe. 

He speaks from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on"Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Listen to entire interview:

Here's Roubini's take on the economy and markets:

Henry Blodget: 

So, it's not 2008 all over again?

Nouriel Roubini:

No, I don't expect it's 2008 again. I don't expect a global recession or financial crisis.

The current turmoil is driven by a bunch of factors, primarily concern that China might have a hard landing and collapse of its stock market and currency.

My view of China is that it's going to have a bumpy landing, not a hard landing. Growth this …