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Australian mango demand soars in USA

Australian mango growers are seeing the fruits of their labour in the US this season, with the first major shipments resulting in overwhelmingly positive feedback from both importers and consumers.

Favco Business Manager for Mangoes and Tropicals John Nardi says most major mango varieties have now been shipped to the US, and demand is strong across the board.

“The importers in the U.S. are very keen to develop the market there with all of the main Australian varieties and the feedback so far from retailers is that they have been flying off the shelf,”he says.

“I am sure there is huge growth potential as US consumers seem to have a similar taste or palette to Australians and therefore our varieties should do very well with them compared to the varieties they are used to.”

Favco sent it’s first shipment to the US in January 2016, and is the first Australian company to supply the US market with the iconic Kensington Pride (KP) variety.

Mr Nardi says the shipment contained a total of 800 carto…

Chiapas Mexico: Ataulfo mango prices plummet

The chairman of the National Committee of the Mango Product System, Cornelio Velasquez Castro, said that Chiapas was the main producer and exporter of the Ataulfo mango variety, the fourth biggest producer of mangoes in general at the national level, and that it had positioned itself internationally.

He added that the mango prices were currently excellent; but that the producers from Chiapas were at a disadvantage because the distance they had to cover to market their product was longer than what other producers in the northern states had to cover. Thus, producers from Chiapas had to reduce local prices to remain competitive.

He also assured that they were facing serious problems due to global warming, as it now rained and was cold when it shouldn't have been, which has caused the production from Chiapas to Nayarit to become closer.

That is, currently the coast and Chiapas are in full bloom. Traditionally, Chiapas had an early harvest and was the first state to enter the national and…